TalkPush and HireIQ Partner Up

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Talkpush, the conversational first recruitment platform has integrated with the leading predictive, virtual interviewing solution, HireIQ to deliver a seamless and automated recruiter experience at each stage of the funnel — engaging candidates early, ensuring critical skills essential in hires and interacting with them through selection and on-boarding.

Global Customer Experience Specialist, Transcom, uses Talkpush as their main communication tool and system of record for all applicants; and HireIQ to perform the skills assessments and remote language testing necessary for prediction. Both recruitment tools got to work in order to offer Transcom a bidirectional integration that lets recruiters know, inside the Talkpush CRM, the score each candidate receives in HireIQ.

“The problem that we’re solving here is that there were two different platforms. The recruiter was logging in to Talkpush, then into HireIQ and then back to Talkpush. We want to make this seamless so recruiters won’t have to log in two both systems.” — Max Armbruster, CEO, Talkpush

With the new HireIQ integration, recruiters can now use the Talkpush system end-to-end, while taking full advantage of their preferred predictive interview platform. With the automatic push and pull of data from both tools, candidates that have been shortlisted inside Talkpush receive a link to a HireIQ assessment, and once that assessment is completed their score is saved in the Talkpush candidate profile. Recruiters no longer have to switch between systems to check scores, or even to see which candidates have finished it. All of that data can now be found inside Talkpush.

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“We were happy to partner with Talkpush and offer Transcom a unified process, that enables recruiters to fully benefit from HireIQ’s predictive abilities and to speed up their recruitment operations— inside their system of record. It’s a great example of optimizing the strengths of both solutions. We know the value of TalkPush in the recruitment process and are excited about working closely with Max and everyone in the organization ” — Paul Noone, CEO, HireIQ

Integrations such as these let recruitment teams leverage technology from an assortment of tools by making them part of a single process. It’s a trend that continues to rise in tandem with the need for more digital specialization to fulfill high-volume hiring needs. In the quest for automation, hiring managers need to think critically about connecting each of the dots, so recruiters are not bogged down by multiple platforms, but can instead benefit from them all without taking extra steps.

About Talkpush
Talkpush is the Recruitment Automation Platform that makes hiring conversations happen faster and more naturally than ever before. With customers in over 8 countries around the globe, the platform helps high-volume hiring companies process over 100k candidates on a monthly basis, automating 95% of top of funnel recruitment taks, so that recruiters have time to engage and hire the most qualified candidates.

About HireIQ
HireIQ revolutionizes talent acquisition for contact centers and front-line customer service positions, by providing predictive virtual interviewing capabilities that assess for critical communication skills, and using outcomes-based data to facilitate continuous performance validation.

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