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MONTREAL, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — WorkJam, the world’s leading digital workplace for frontline employees, today announced the global release of ExpressPay, the employee-centric solution for advance pay. As an employer-sponsored plan, employees are able to instantly access a portion of their earned income ahead of their established payday with no transaction charges. The new functionality brings modern payment tools inside of WorkJam’s complete digital workplace platform—alongside mobile time and attendance, openshift marketplace, communication, training, and frontline execution functionality.

Traditional payroll cycles require employees to wait up to two weeks to access their pay, putting acute financial pressure on frontline hourly workers. The stress impacts customer service and availability due to working multiple jobs and attrition. ExpressPay solves this by allowing employees to obtain a portion of earnings as early as the same day of work, fee-free, deposited directly into their bank account or onto a WorkJam debit card. Paired with WorkJam’s openshift marketplace functionality, it positions employers who offer ExpressPay to their frontlines as the employer of choice—combining self service shift coverage and with same day access to earned income while driving customer coverage and experience at the same time.

“As businesses relentlessly fight for talent, employers are continuously looking for ways to retain employees and create dedication to the brand,” said Steven Kramer, CEO and co-founder of WorkJam. “With ExpressPay, employers can now show value-recognition to their frontline workforce while empowering them to assume more financial control. Through traditional market offerings, an employee has to pay for early access to earnings with expensive, unsanctioned 3rd party solutions, but with WorkJam’s ExpressPay, employees can access this employer-sponsored benefit fee-free, empowering them to gain more control of their financial well-being.”

WorkJam’s pre-pandemic research shows that even one missed shift can mean late payments on rent, utilities, and other basic necessities for nearly half of hourly employees. Having access to income already earned can break the cycle of financial hardship, taking control of their economic well-being. To employers offering ExpressPay, employees will return the favor with reduced attrition and no-calls as well as improved open shift coverage.

“The addition of ExpressPay into the WorkJam Digital Workplace continues our commitment of being the most complete frontline digital workplace on the market,” said Vincent Drouin, VP Corporate Development of WorkJam. “WorkJam’s unified solution improves the customer experience by improving the employee experience. By streamlining functionality like scheduling, communication, training, task management, and better access earned income into a unified application for employees across a wide range of industries, WorkJam enables companies with non-desk workers to achieve outsized operational improvements, foster collaboration, build their culture, and discover new ways of doing business.”

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