Workpuls Improves Remote Team Management Tool

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The update brought clean, modern design, as well as some new and improved features which made this employee monitoring software even more suitable for remote workers.

“We already know that around 16% of global companies have remote teams. And given that remote workers are in general 65% more productive and 80% more loyal and motivated, we can conclude that many more companies will switch to remote in the future,” said Ivan Petrovic, CEO of Workpuls. “These companies are facing challenges in terms of productivity monitoring, project management, as well as maintaining their daily operations even when they start working remotely. Workpuls found a way to help them overcome all of these challenges.”

Generally, enterprises have remote work policies which allow their employees to work from home a few days per month, while smaller companies are completely distributed. The challenges they are facing when it comes to team management are different, but Workpuls seems to cover all of them.

Freelance remote workers use their personal devices for business as well, therefore their concerns relating to privacy and monitoring are greater than those office employees have. Workpuls offers manual clock in/out and project based tracking, to give these workers more control over monitoring terms. Manual option requires users to clock in/out, and their activities are monitored between these two actions only. Project based tracking is more suitable for workers who have clearly outlined tasks, and in this case Workpuls tracks activities only while time tracking on the specific task is turned on.

This feature is also very useful for enterprise remote workers since it serves as a clock in/out app. It provides employers with timesheets, ensuring fair payments for hourly workers.

Enterprises that want to go remote usually fear how their daily operations will be affected by this change. With Workpuls, they don’t need to worry about productivity, outputs or that they’ll have less control over what their employees are doing during work hours.

While asynchronous communication is less distracting for the employee, employers face the issues of tracking which tasks were completed, and how their projects are progressing. Workpuls incorporated a Kanban board within their new time tracker allowing managers to have real-time overview of tasks, and persons in charge, while they can analyze progress based on time which was already invested in these activities.

Workpuls is the most comprehensive tool for distributed teams globally, and if you are planning partial or complete transition to remote team, check out their website at

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