ZipRecruiter Boosts Matching Tech for Job Seekers

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Job site ZipRecruiter has added new matching technology to help job seekers discover jobs that they are qualified for. Under the new algorithm they get  feedback about how strong a match they are for every job. The guidance is generated using artificial intelligence algorithms trained on data from billions of employer and job seeker interactions in the ZipRecruiter marketplace.

How It Works

For each job, ZipRecruiter now shows job seekers a match score—either Great Match, Good Match, Fair Match, or Not a Match—which provides insight into how likely they are to be received favorably by a hiring manager for that particular job. It also provides recommendations on ways job seekers can improve their odds of success, such as by updating their profiles or resumes with more relevant qualifications.

On the ZipRecruiter mobile app, the feature reduced job seeker’s applications to jobs for which they were not a match by 47%, on average, while raising applications to jobs for which they were a great match by 26% and for which they were a good match by 14%. That led to better matching and higher satisfaction for both employers and job seekers.

“Like a personal recruiter, ZipRecruiter gives job seekers information about what companies are looking for and how to make their applications more successful,” said Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter CEO and co-founder. “Explicitly showing job seekers what our advanced matching algorithms have learned transforms the job search experience for them by cutting out the guesswork and saving them time. It’s like giving job seekers a map.”

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