Beamery Launches New AI Based Talent Data Platform

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LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Beamery, the leading Talent Operating System, today announced the debut of its Talent Data Platform, an AI-driven digital data hub that uses graph technology and deep learning to drive more complete, accurate and actionable talent insights than otherwise possible for candidates, freelancers and employees.

This new platform, which powers the company’s Talent Operating System, utilizes more than 1 billion data points to create the first view of talent that is not only unified, but dynamic – enriching and inferring people’s evolving potential and intent, and not just who they are today. This is an evolution of the company’s data prowess, which to date has already powered the talent efforts of more than 100 global enterprise customers.

“The lack of accurate and reliable data is one of the top challenges for talent leaders today,” said Madeline Laurano, Founder, Aptitude Research. “Without a solid data foundation, they cannot have effective talent interactions, nor can they act nimbly in the face of changing talent dynamics. Beamery’s platform addresses this massive pain point, creating a quality data backbone to drive more effective talent interactions and empower talent leaders to make decisions quickly and confidently.”

The Beamery Talent Data Platform has a critical dual purpose:

  1. Automatically de-duplicates, enriches and standardizes talent profiles to ensure accurate, complete and accessible data.
  2. Contextualizes data via deep learning algorithms that utilize more than one billion data points in a proprietary knowledge graph.

This functionality — the most comprehensive data backbone in the HR technology category to date — empowers talent leaders to:

  • Tailor talent interactions based on each candidate’s capabilities, projected career path, and more,
  • Ensure agile workforce planning by allowing leaders to make talent decisions nimbly and confidently with intelligent and predictive data,
  • Effectively plan for future talent needs and reskilling requirements by seeing a total view of talent capabilities within your organization,
  • Uncover hidden talent via effective, bias-free talent matching, and
  • Unify talent, employee and recruiter experiences with a new framework to embed the data and interactions across your technology system, enabling the talent function to evolve via an agnostic, change-enabled tech stack.
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“The only constant in today’s world is change – the type of work and capabilities companies need to fill are evolving,” said Sultan Saidov, co-founder and president, Beamery. “In turn, companies need to be more agile, workforce planning needs to continuously adjust, and the candidate and employee experience needs to become dynamic. In order to help them get there, companies need a foundational technology – a Data Platform – that gives them the required contextual data, and a Talent Operating System that gives them the operational capabilities necessary to be agile in the face of the evolving world of work.”

Beamery’s Talent Data Platform was unveiled at the company’s Spark Live event, an online gathering of more than 5,000 global talent leaders. For more information, visit the Beamery website.

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