Bluecrew Launches Mobile Solution for Hiring and Managing Flexible W-2 Workforces

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CHICAGO, March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Bluecrew, the staffing technology platform for a flexible W-2 workforce, today announced the launch of Bluecrew Manager, the first ever mobile app dedicated to helping employers find the best workers and manage their vital hourly workforces at scale. Bluecrew clients such as Rakuten and Trove (formerly Yerdle) can now seamlessly deploy workers as needed based on peak and/or seasonal demands and connect more workers with sustainable W-2 protected jobs.

Since IAC’s acquisition of Bluecrew in February 2018, the company has grown its client base by nearly 4x, benefiting from customer adoption in key sectors such as logistics and manufacturing (300 percent growth); hospitality/culinary (200 percent growth); and warehousing (100 percent growth).

“Bluecrew’s strong growth and market traction are driven by mounting pressure on traditional employers to attract and retain the best hourly workers in a highly competitive labor market. Bluecrew offers the perfect model for employers that want to leverage an efficient technology platform to flexibly scale their workforce up or down, while also ensuring compliance with labor laws,” said Adam Roston, CEO of Bluecrew. “In the wake of California’s AB5 and emerging legislation across other states including New York, employers are recognizing the importance of a technology solution that also provides worker protections and benefits to their hourly workforces.”

“The new mobile app from Bluecrew is completely changing how I approach staffing. I have the power to make adjustments and check who will be there right on my phone – wherever I am in the building! If other employers aren’t using Bluecrew, they absolutely should,” said Eduardo Medrano, Cafe Manager at Eurest, a multibillion-dollar hospitality organization with more than 2,200 locations across the country.

Key features of Bluecrew Manager include:

  • An enhanced dashboard displays rich detail on a current roster: who is currently working, who will be working later, and who has worked previous shifts, as well as the ability to view jobs filled in real-time.
  • Visibility into worker status, including whether a worker is on break, absent, missed clock-in, or canceled a particular shift.
  • The ability to request more workers in minutes with just a few taps.
  • Features that allow employers to adjust time clocks to reflect changing worker schedules in real-time to help ensure the accuracy and timeliness of paychecks.
  • The option to provide positive feedback by “favoriting” a worker who is doing a great job.

“Our new mobile app and platform enhancements give employers the control to ensure staffing needs are met in dynamic work environments where demand can change rapidly. The improvements support the need for smarter hiring and retention practices, plus better workforce management, including more flexible and on-the-go control,” said Gino Rooney, co-founder and CTO of Bluecrew.

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About Bluecrew
Founded in 2015, Bluecrew is a technology platform exclusively for staffing flexible W-2 work. Job seekers turn to Bluecrew for sustainable and reliable employment that fits their schedules across a broad range of industries including warehousing, logistics, e-commerce, events, delivery, and hospitality.

Bluecrew is disrupting the traditional staffing model (an industry worth $153 billion which is almost exclusively offline) with a mobile-first platform that offers workers control, flexibility, and protection, while instantly connecting them to high quality, short and long-term employment opportunities. Unlike gig economy platforms, all Crew Members are W-2 employees of Bluecrew, receiving benefits and protections like minimum wage, overtime, sick pay, and workers’ compensation. Bluecrew is headquartered in Chicago with a presence in markets nationwide and is owned and operated by IAC (NASDAQ: IAC). Learn more at

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