Brazen Launches Sourcing Marketplace to Scale Your Virtual Hiring Events

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Brazen, the leading virtual event and recruitment platform, announced today the release of its new Sourcing Marketplace to help recruiting teams drive more qualified candidates to virtual hiring events. This first-of-its-kind combination will give customers a better way to find and attract qualified candidates and improve recruitment outcomes.

Through a diverse network of sourcing partners, Brazen handles the event promotion, delivering new, qualified and engaged sources of talent to register for events. This enables hiring teams to focus on hosting great events without worrying about turnout. Brazen is excited to offer this product to customers as part of its new and growing Marketing Solutions.

“A sourcing strategy is one of the most critical parts of a successful virtual hiring event; however, effective marketing takes time, effort and analysis for recruiting teams,” said Drew Hebble, Brazen’s Senior Director of Marketing Solutions. “We wanted to leverage Brazen’s partnerships and expertise to provide that service all in one place, so that event reps can focus on creating a great event without worrying if qualified candidates will show up. Brazen takes care of it all, from finding target candidates across a variety of channels, to managing spend, to ensuring a positive ROI on sourcing investment. With the Sourcing Marketplace, event reps get the right candidates attending events so they can advance those candidates to the next stage and make hires.”

Drew Hebble

Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace includes some of the biggest drivers of candidates in the industry, from niche to expansive sources, and from professional to hourly. Because hiring events are marketed specifically as events, not job ads, customers get qualified, engaged candidates who are interested in learning more about their organization – even passive candidates who aren’t ready to apply are more likely to register for a virtual event. 

“In such a competitive talent marketplace, no longer can recruiting teams expect to attract job seekers with a ‘spray and pray’ sourcing strategy meant to drive candidates to apply to their open jobs. The modern job seeker no longer wants to waste time with cumbersome applications or reach out to a recruiter only to be ignored. Instead, the future of competitive recruiting requires high engagement, responsiveness and a frictionless candidate experience; all of which can be achieved with the combination of smart sourcing and virtual hiring events,” said Ryan Healy, President and Founder at Brazen.

Customers also have the ability to see what sources are delivering the best candidates, and can easily shift budget across those sources in a single platform to maximize what’s working best. Events then convert those candidates into applications at a rate of 20 percent – twice as high as traditional application rates.

To learn more about how Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace can help you drive attendance to your events and meet your hiring goals, visit

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