Ceridian Launches AI Driven Dayforce Career Explorer

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Ceridian, a prominent player in human capital management (HCM) technology, has unveiled an innovative solution called Dayforce Career Explorer. This AI-powered tool aims to enhance engagement and retention rates by empowering employees to take control of their career journeys. With Dayforce Career Explorer, employees gain access to data-driven career pathing, opportunities for personal growth and skill development, as well as timely notifications regarding job openings that align with their unique skills and interests. Notably, organizations such as Jisc have already adopted Dayforce Career Explorer to benefit their global workforce.

Today’s organizations face critical staffing and skills shortages, with fierce competition to attract and retain top talent. Meanwhile, employees are seeking increased flexibility, benefits, and control over their careers with more employment options available than ever. According to Ceridian’s Pulse of Talent report, a vast majority (84%) of employees globally say having a clear career path makes them more committed to their employer. With Dayforce Career Explorer, employees are empowered to explore personalized opportunities within their company with a clearer view of their skills, or required skills, to achieve their career aspirations.

Powered by the Dayforce Skills Engine, Dayforce Career Explorer helps employers leverage HR data to deliver skills-based career exploration, while increasing internal talent mobility by matching employees with open roles and projects. This enables organizations to address turnover and retention while reducing time and resources spent on external recruitment. Dayforce Career Explorer’s mobile-first experience also fosters employee engagement, skills development, and equitable access to opportunities. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, it recommends the right opportunities that align with employees’ interests and abilities, while helping to develop new skills.

“Nearly every organization is challenged with employee retention and skills shortages, and that opens big opportunities for employers willing to rethink traditional career pathing,” said Somen Mondal, General Manager, Talent Intelligence, Ceridian. “Using AI and machine learning, Dayforce Career Explorer puts employees on the right track to achieving their career goals, while helping organizations build a flexible, resilient, and modern workforce.”

Somen Mondal

In addition, Dayforce Career Explorer helps organizations:

  • Improve retention by offering employees clear career paths with the actionable steps required to reach their goals.
  • More rapidly and efficiently fill high-priority roles by leveraging talent already inside the organization.
  • Improve succession planning by identifying candidates for internal hiring and promotion.
  • Use data and advanced AI-based analytics to understand the skills of their workforce and potential gaps.
  • Create a culture of learning and development to engage and upskill employees.
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“We foster a company culture which supports and promotes personal learning and development, and we’re thrilled to partner with Ceridian to help our people take the next steps in their careers,” said Stu Privett, HR Systems and Data Manager, Jisc. “Dayforce Career Explorer will help give our employees a clear view of their career possibilities at Jisc and a personalized action plan to develop the skills they need to advance, while increasing employee engagement and providing real-time data about internal talent to fill key roles.”

For more information, visit: https://www.ceridian.com/products/dayforce/talent-intelligence/career-explorer

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