Employee Time Tracking App Alerts Managers as Employees Approach Overtime

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Employee time tracking company, OnTheClock, has recently added a new overtime alerts feature. This allows small business owners to save time and apply it to work that matters most by getting notified when an employee is approaching overtime. These alerts are conveniently received via text messages and emails so employers never miss an overtime update. Alerts can also be sent to employees for them to be notified when he or she is nearing their allotted hours for the week.

“We designed this new feature to improve the success of small businesses by allowing them to have a complete and full understanding on their employees’ overtime hours. In return, this helps a company to stay in budget by providing an economic analysis of overtime payouts,” said an OnTheClock spokesperson.

With overtime laws changing and updating constantly, it is important for small businesses to maintain proper documentation for employee records. According to the Department of Labor, 1.3 million American workers are newly eligible for overtime pay. This rule that takes effect in 2020 will update the necessary earning thresholds to exempt executive, administrative, and professional employees from the FLSA minimum wage and overtime pay requirements.

This new feature by OnTheClock offers a variety of benefits that is helping to shape the business industry when it comes to managing employees’ time and record data.

Additional benefits for small business owners to track and receive employee overtime alerts include:

  • Reduced payroll expenses.
  • Understand when overtime is necessary and when it is not.
  • Know who is working overtime, how much they are working and why.
  • Abide by Department of Labor laws, regulations and rules.

OnTheClock’s overtime alerts feature conveniently allows the user to set up when they would like to receive alerts. This can be done based on hours or minutes before or after overtime occurs. For example, if an employer would like to know when their employees are approaching overtime an hour ahead of time, they will simply enter 1 hour and select ‘before’ in the field selection. From here employers are able to select the recipients who will receive the overtime alerts via email and/or text message. Lastly, the employer selects which employees they would like to trigger these alerts and also select whether or not to send the employees notifications as well.

If you would like to learn more about this time-saving feature and the additional benefits that it can provide to your business, then visit ontheclock.com to sign up or contact them at 888-753-5999.

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