Google Experimenting with Job Training Info in Search Results

google job training
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Search engine Google has launched a BETA program to display job training information in its search results. You can see an example above.

According to the company, it appears it’s going to work in tandem with Google for Jobs.

“For job seekers and prospective students looking to acquire marketable skills for their next role, it’s often difficult to find programs, compare cost, and know which jobs are in demand. The goal of the job training experience on Google Search is to help people discover a new career path and acquire skills for their next job. Learn more about the job search experience on Google.

To be eligible for the job training experience, add structured data to your program web pages. Structured data helps Google better understand the content of your page, and therefore enables Google to better surface job training programs to users.”

~ Google

We applaud this move and hope to see it become a permanent part of Google Search. Its a great use case for job seekers everywhere. We tried searching on Google for Jobs to try and find more examples but couldn’t find any. Perhaps there will be a widget in the future on job results pages for roles that offer training.

Web publishers like job boards and schools can leverage these new structured datasets on their sites to be included in these results. Learn more.

Shoutout to Oras Al-Kubaisi from for tipping us off to the news.

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