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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HackerRank, the developer skills company, today announced the launch of their HackerRank Remote Hiring Solution, the new standard for end-to-end developer skills-based hiring. Over the last two months, HackerRank has made significant enhancements to their platform. Included in these enhancements were updates to CodePair, which were made to facilitate a significant piece of the hiring process that has shifted from on-site interviews to remote. As hiring teams all went remote, it’s now more important than ever to have a well-planned, standardized hiring process that companies can trust, that allows interviewers to assess the right skills every step of the way.

“While hiring in many categories has slowed or stopped, the market for tech hiring is expected to bounce back rapidly. We are future proofing our solution not for the new normal but for the forever different,” said Vivek Ravisankar, Co-Founder and CEO of HackerRank. “With these new product enhancements, we’re ensuring our customers can meet their business objectives and accelerate their innovation while maintaining a world-class experience for their candidates and for their hiring managers.”

The On-Site Interview Goes Remote

Since HackerRank started offering CodePair for free to its customers on March 11, companies like Duolingo, Bloomberg, Atlassian, Elastic, and ServiceNow have made the switch to 100% remote technical interviews utilizing the HackerRank remote hiring solution. HackerRank’s CodePair has been integral in helping companies across multiple industries streamline their remote hiring processes, with candidates collectively spending more than 30 million minutes using CodePair during this time.

“Before COVID-19, we brought every candidate onsite during the interview process. Our goal is to preserve as much of that experience as possible in the shift to remote hiring,” said Jocelyn S. Lai, Director of Talent Acquisition at Duolingo. “HackerRank’s CodePair helps us smoothly run remote technical interviews, and the video component gives candidates the ‘human touch’ of face time with the interviewer. This helps candidates feel comfortable and able to put their best foot forward.”

Traditional whiteboard interviews and collaboration docs are ineffective and unstructured. With CodePair, hiring managers can conduct in-depth, repeatable interviews across 35 different coding languages in a real programming environment to gain better clarity on actual skills while ensuring candidates have a developer-friendly experience. HackerRank’s new solution includes important features to support remote interviewers, including:

  • Virtual Whiteboarding: To help companies conduct system design interviews from afar, HackerRank has introduced a new feature to CodePair: the virtual whiteboard. It’s an intuitive, collaborative online whiteboard that makes remote system design interviews as natural as an on-site whiteboarding session, more efficient than freehand drawing and is logged inside the candidate packet to provide visibility to the entire interview panel.
  • Interviewer Guidelines: To make it easier to conduct effective, candidate-friendly interviews, HackerRank curated a set of skills-based questions that each take under 30 minutes to complete. Each recommended question comes with a set of interviewer guidelines—like hints, solution pseudo-code, and potential follow-up questions—to help conduct consistent, well-informed interviews (without intensive interviewer prep).

The Skills-Based Experience

The ability to collaboratively interview candidates in CodePair is just one piece of the remote hiring equation. With the launch of the industry standard skills rubric, interviewer scorecards, and candidate packet, HackerRank is helping companies accelerate the shift to remote hiring in a single end-to-end platform built on a standardized process that companies can trust to evaluate technical candidates based on the right skills over pedigree.

  • Industry Standard Skills Rubric: The market’s first end-to-end skills-based hiring platform, based on a standardized set of skills validated by a panel of industry experts. The rubric defines 16 based roles from software engineer, to full-stack, to devops. The Roles Manager allows you to quickly identify from a library of 66 skills, the ones required for a particular role. And, from there, select from HackerRank’s library of thousands of pre-built tests that are mapped to those relevant skills.
  • Interviewer Scorecards: The new interviewer scorecard functionality in CodePair blends seamlessly into the existing CodePair interface. The private scorecard includes the skills defined for the role the candidate applied for and allows interviewers to record feedback on candidate skills throughout the interview.
  • Candidate Packet: All of the interviewer scores are captured in a comprehensive candidate packet for final review. The hiring manager can review the candidate’s performance on each critical skill in detail – scores, comments, and code artifacts, and select the best candidate.

Skills Advisory Council: Setting the Standard for Developer Skills
The success of a standardized technical hiring process depends on how well-defined the skills are. It is critical for companies to define and identify the key competency areas within each skill set. These key competency areas are the core of the skill that developers must possess to be proficient in that skill. HackerRank built the Skills’ definition by analyzing assessments made by the HackerRank community through 10’s of millions of code submissions. Once they were established these skills were reviewed and validated to build a standardized skills rubric with the Skills Advisory Council.

“I joined the HackerRank Skills Advisory Council as a way to give back to the tech community,” said Kesha Williams, Skills Advisory Council Member. “Candidates and employers alike trust HackerRank. The HackerRank Skills Directory and standardized challenge questions can provide confidence going into an interview for candidates. The HackerRank Skills Directory can even help engineers gain new competencies by giving them a path that follows basic, intermediate, and advanced skills.”

Pricing & Availability
Available immediately starting at $249 a month for teams ranging from a single interviewer to a large enterprise.

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