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Boston, MA,  Filtered, the capabilities-based hiring platform that improves the recruitment experience for engineers and developers, today announced expansion plans to meet the growing demands placed on companies as they accelerate their remote hiring, including a number of new hires and a slate of new features. The startup has also raised $7 million in strategic seed funding financed by the AI Fund and Silicon Valley Data Capital. Bootstrapped to this point, Filtered’s sales have increased 300% Year-Over-Year, with tens of thousands of interviews completed and millions of coding and data science questions asked to date. 

By creating a platform that evaluates applicants’ technical capabilities and provides video-based live coding and whiteboarding functionality to simulate work in real-life situations, Filtered seamlessly matches candidates with the positions that best fit their experience. Combined with industry-leading anti-fraud and anti-bias functionality, the platform improves the candidate experience from application until onboarding. 

Filtered saves Talent Acquisition and HR recruiters time and money by reducing reliance on unreliable and time-consuming resume screening. It sends only the most capable candidates through their process. More than 1,000 companies rely on Filtered to streamline the hiring of their technical talent, ensuring a true fit with their teams and mission. Clients include Delta, Bayer, Redfin, Cigna, Coca-Cola, Quicken Loans, TransUnion, Georgia Pacific, Enterprise Holdings, Informatica, and more. 

Founded in 2018, Filtered is a Boston-based startup led by entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder Paul Bilodeau. With more than 17 years of experience in technology, recruiting, engineering, and development, Paul understands the issues job-seeking coders encounter, as well as the frustrations recruiters and hiring managers confront in finding applicants with the right skills to meet specific job requirements. 

“We’re proud to have scaled organically as we’ve serviced everyone from Fortune 500 clients to startups. By creating an unmatched hiring experience that both candidates and companies love, we’re working to introduce Filtered to even more businesses that are struggling to staff as they digitally transform,” said Bilodeau. “As we continue to enhance the platform, including being the first to focus on critical modern, emerging technologies like Cloud and DevOps staples like Docker, Kubernetes, and others, we will continue to release innovative features tailor-made for our clients’ challenges. Filtered is redefining the relationship between candidates and hiring companies.“

The way companies hire employees has changed drastically during the past year. What was once a slow, face-to-face process has completely migrated online, posing new problems in evaluating talent for job fit. Filtered’s team understands how much harder it is to identify talent, assess their abilities, and hire them before a competing organization scoops them up. With fraud detection even more difficult during remote interviews, the platform identifies and weeds out deceptive practices including the bait and switch, proxy interviewing, location mismatches, code pasting, and others to increase hiring confidence.

Filtered focuses on skills-based interviewing, testing, and assessing candidates in expertly designed real-world work samples that match interviewees to jobs for which they are actually qualified, not those for which they say they are qualified. This eliminates fraud while also better matching candidates to positions where they can thrive, saving time and frustration on both sides of the recruiting process.

The Filtered platform reduces Cost Per Hire (-$36,000), Rejected Offers (-20%), Undetected Fraud (-28%), and Time to Fill Open Positions (-30 days) while increasing the Interview to Hire rate by 56%. 

To continually improve the hiring process, Filtered is launching these new features:

  • Hiring Workspace: Get face-to-face with the top candidates and dig into their capabilities and fit for your team and company. The Hiring Workspace enables paired programming, code review, and live whiteboarding with the ability to build diagrams and flowcharts explaining architecture and assumptions. They can be recorded and transcribed with bookmarking and notes for review by other team members to make better informed hiring decisions.
  • Cloud/DevOps: Design for any cloud platform like Azure, AWS, or GCP. Build diagrams and flowcharts explaining advanced Cloud architecture and deployments. Test candidates on any SQL framework like MySQL or MS SQL. Easily test skills like Docker, Kubernetes, and microservices. Build real-time applications and deploy them on a simulated cluster.

Filtered also includes these unique features:

  • Coding Interviews enable candidates to earn an objective skill score and are not chosen based on keyword-stuffed resumes. These challenges include customizable Front-End, SQL, Data Science, and DevOps tests.
  • Candidate Authentication syncs applicant information with LinkedIn, GitHub, and more to confirm applicants are who they say they are.
  • Fraud Detection and Analysis ensure candidates are who they say they are and are not cheating the system.
  • Video Interviews allow hiring managers to make sure candidates fit company culture in addition to meeting their technical skill requirements.
  • Built to Scale for growing businesses, including MSP and vendor tools, ATS integrations, and reporting tools.

For more information about Filtered’s end-to-end hiring platform for emerging technology, please visit: https://www.filtered.ai/ 

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