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Workhuman has developed the world’s first database that catalogues bias used in everyday workplace communications. Inclusion Advisor works by finding subtleties in words that may be perceived as bias. In the example here, Inclusion Advisor identifies that the words “role model for other women” may suggest someone is only able to impact those in her own gender and recommends using gender neutral terms like “a great model for everyone” or “a great role model.”

“We recently added Inclusion Advisor in a pilot, and it’s going incredibly well because it really helps us write the language around rewarding and recognizing,” said Celeste Warren, Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion for Merck, an early-access customer of Inclusion Advisor. “It helps us recognize people and ensure we’re using words that are inclusive and instill confidence, and it really helps people feel good about their reward.”

Inclusion Advisor will be available to all Workhuman Cloud® customers later this year.

Phenom announced the launch of Phenom Hiring Manager, a powerful set of hiring tools that redesigns hiring, management and collaboration with recruiters. As managers constantly balance growing their teams and leading them to success, they are too often strapped for the time needed to do both. Phenom Hiring Manager changes the equation by empowering managers to easily discover the strongest candidates, manage interviews, evaluate video assessments, deliver real-time feedback to recruiters and make key hiring decisions.

Phenom’s Hiring Manager App

Phenom Hiring Manager is enabling managers to overcome these challenges and improve collaboration with recruiters to fill roles faster. The experience is tailored to their needs, and designed to reduce feedback loops that delay hiring, create poor candidate experiences and interfere with managers’ other responsibilities. Its functionality enables managers to:

  • Discover and review candidate profiles
  • Progress or reject candidates and provide feedback
  • Initiate, automate and manage interview scheduling
  • Access and evaluate on-demand video assessments
  • Record a personalized video to share on job description pages
  • Leverage Phenom AI’s fit scoring, intelligent matching and insights

“For years, recruiters have been leveraging Phenom’s expansive artificial intelligence to discover best-fit candidates and automate talent processes,” said Kumar Ananthanarayana, director of product management at Phenom. “Phenom Hiring Manager brings that power to the decision makers, whether they use it every day or just a few times a year. By enabling users to drop in, take clear action, and quickly advance the hiring process, Phenom Hiring Manager will change how leaders work together and build their teams.”

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