Indeed Reverses Course, Will Kill PPA Option

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In a huge about face for the world’s #1 job site, word broke yesterday that they will be shutting down their PPA (pay per application) business model only a year after introducing it.

Indeed Kills PPA

In a statement the company says;

“…a core component of our commitment is our ‘pay for performance’ value, where employers are charged only when they see meaningful results. To uphold this commitment, we are continually exploring and testing innovative approaches. Pay-per-application (PPA) was one recent test aimed at providing greater value to employers. Over time, we found that this option required additional effort from employers and was not easy enough to support the different needs of employers. Starting Dec. 18, we have decided to no longer offer PPA. Our journey remains focused on delivering exceptional products to help both job seekers and employers.

The fact they are now calling it a “test” is laughable since they were so adamant in the beginning that it was the future of job advertising. CPC is proven and easy to understand. Not sure why they felt a need to mess with that model.

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