Interview Intelligence Platform Launches: Luma

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Luma is a new interview intelligence platform, which recently launched to help businesses run more intentional interviews and make better hiring decisions.

The platform serves as an active guide throughout the hiring process, encouraging greater collaboration, transparency and objectivity in decision-making while promoting a candidate-friendly experience. It also enables companies to recruit the best candidates and ensure they’re in the right roles.

Luma, which launched out of High Alpha, is led by Co-Founder and CEO Grace Tyson—a former sales leader at San Francisco-based Tyson is joined by Co-Founder and CTO Mark Clerkin, who previously served as vice president of data science at High Alpha and as a quantitative trader for over a decade.

“We’ve talked to hundreds of business leaders and they’ve all said two things: hiring great people is their top priority, but interviewing is broken,” notes Tyson. “Luma is a virtual copilot throughout the entire interview process, guiding selection teams to hire quickly and confidently, while ensuring candidates have a stellar experience. Our customers are seeing incredible results as they build high-growth orgs with Luma.”

Luma aids recruiters, hiring managers and other selection team members at each crucial step of the interview process, gathering video and data from every interview. The platform guides interviewers in real-time to run a fair process, intelligently creates highlight reels of every interview, and simplifies collaboration and ongoing coaching for team members.

“The Luma team brings the perfect blend of experience in conversational intelligence and data science to lead this new category of interview intelligence,” says Eric Tobias, partner at High Alpha. “We’re thrilled to be launching a company that helps businesses get better at interviewing so they can hire more effective and diverse teams.”

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Luma has already built integrations with Zoom, Calendly, Greenhouse and more to fit inside a company’s existing hiring lifecycle. Nearly 2,000 interviews have already been conducted on the platform by early customers like recruiting firm and Boston-based Wistia.

“At Wistia, we are interviewing at a faster volume than ever before. Luma is a huge opportunity for us to be completely confident about the fairness and effectiveness of our assessments,” said Taylor Roa, manager of talent acquisition at Wistia. “It is an invaluable tool for coaching, developing and supporting our newer interviewers on the team.”

About Luma 
Luma is an interview intelligence platform that coaches organizations and individuals to interview effectively and equitably. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Luma is on mission to help their customers continuously improve and become the best organizations on earth at interviewing and hiring. To learn more about Luma, visit

About High Alpha 
High Alpha, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading venture studio focused on conceiving, launching and scaling next-generation B2B SaaS companies. For more information visit or follow on Twitter @highalpha.

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