Latin America HR Tech Study Released

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BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — More than a thousand HR professionals from companies of all sizes, present mainly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay, answered an online survey of 19 questions in Q3 2019 about HR Tech trends.

Among its key findings, the 5th HR Tech Study revealed a radical change in HR’s strategic vision. Almost 60% of respondents said the main objective of adopting HR Tech is boosting business growth and expansion. Other aims such as cost reduction, which previously occupied the front of the list, are now considered less important.

Due to the vertiginous nature of technological change, HR teams are now more involved in areas that traditionally were not part of their field. The study revealed that at least 50% of HR professionals feel they participate in the process of Digital Transformation.

“The results not only show that Latin American organizations are keeping up with technology advancement, but that HR teams are taking the lead inside their companies to successfully drive Digital Transformation,” said Germán Dyzenchauz, CEO & CO-founder at GOintegro.

These circumstances set out new demands for HR leaders, who now adopt formal strategies that include tech solutions. In fact, the study revealed a 10 point increase in the existence of HR Tech strategies compared to previous years.

“Even when HR leaders are asked to drive change on the road towards digital transformation and innovation, the study highlights the importance of including the whole labor force. Overcoming cultural resistance in Latin American companies is only possible if all employees are involved in the process of becoming more digital,” said Jose Guerra, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at GOintegro.

Key survey findings include:

  • HR technologies have been mostly used to simplify (59%) and streamline (49%) HR processes, as well as improving the Employee Experience (48%).
  • The top 3 HR areas where technological solutions were incorporated are: personnel management (64%), recruitment and selection (55%), and internal communication (53%).
  • The top 3 favorite HR tech solutions were: corporate social networks (55%), cloud-based software (50%) and mobile (30%). However, at least one-tenth of respondents use machine learning, chatbots, and artificial intelligence.
  • Boosting employee productivity is the main objective of incorporating HR tech solutions.

Please click here if you wish to learn more about the 5th Latin American HR Tech Study.

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