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Hiretual, the sourcing platform announced amplified functionalities of its Market Insights feature to provide hiring teams with flexible talent intelligence capabilities during a year of shifting employee and job-seeker behavior. The updates also improve the quality of candidate searches for underrepresented talent by giving companies comprehensive talent reports to put effective diversity hiring plans in action.

The platform’s Diversity Intelligence capabilities provide companies with robust reporting to drive impactful diversity hiring strategies in the right places and to the right people. These reports aggregate data on how diverse talent pools are responding to the market, including the top locations, companies and schools they come from. Hiretual analyzes these data points to predict benchmarking factors, such as average tenure and average market value, to help teams prepare for better attraction and retention rates of minority talent.

“As organizations combat hiring challenges like the Great Resignation as well as prioritize embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion, talent intelligence has become critical for hiring teams,” said Steven Jiang, CEO and co-founder of Hiretual. “Hiretual’s Market Insights gives companies the ability to allocate hiring resources tailored toward a particular group of talent, segmented by factors including location, average market value and seniority, for hiring teams across the country.”

Justworks, one of the nation’s fastest-growing HR technology companies, announced today the launch of Justworks Hours, a new Time and Attendance solution designed for modern teams. The product brings automation to make employers more efficient, and mobile tools designed for employees. Justworks Hours automatically syncs to timecards in Justworks, reducing time spent on manual calculations and managing payroll.

“Justworks Hours is another important step forward in realizing our vision to make starting, running, and growing a business a more accessible option for all,” said Camilla Velasquez, Senior Vice President of Product at Justworks. “Justworks Hours’ full integration with Justworks will put more power in the hands of our customers than ever and enable us to reach and serve more diverse types of businesses—especially those just getting started.”

OfficeAccord has released their newly enhanced employee experience platform to support future-focused organizations.

Digitally onboard, connect and engage your community.
Digitally onboard, connect and engage your community.

OfficeAccord’s built-in automations and integrations make it simple to remotely onboard new hires, connect them to your community, and engage them throughout their employee lifecycle. Tools such as onboarding checklists, a Café Roulette, a social directory, and employee marketplace help HR teams provide a more personalized employee experience that Human Capital Management systems do not offer.

Oyster®, the company that makes hiring talented people around the world compliant, human, and delightful, today launched Oyster Academy, which offers educational programs designed to prepare employees, job-seekers, HR professionals, and distributed companies for the future of work.

Developed internally by Oyster, Oyster Academy encompasses online courses for multiple experience levels and roles, and equips organizations with the skills they need to build thriving distributed teams. Within Oyster Academy, Distributed Bootcamp is a training program that teaches team members the best practices of distributed communication and collaboration. With a focus on essential concepts and tools, the program is suited to beginners looking to learn the basics of distributed work as well as more experienced individuals seeking to fine-tune their distributed working skills.

Stoke, a pioneer in the freelance management system space, announces today it is extending its support to providing global payroll and compliance to international employees as an Employee of Record (EoR). Expanding its platform to support international employees as well as non-payroll workers — which includes freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, and agencies — Stoke is filling a newly developed market need by enabling companies to work more effectively with a global workforce that includes both freelancers and full-time employees.

As small and mid-size tech companies are adapting to global workforces with freelance talent and full-time employees, they need solutions that can help them manage both types of workers while also allowing them to effectively capitalize on the global talent market. Recruiting globally opens the door to a far larger talent pool, but also comes with new challenges and rules that companies must learn to navigate.

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