New Hiring Validation Tool to Reduce Bias Launches

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The Hire Talent has launched it’s Structured Interview andĀ Assessment Testing validation tool. We are making the tool available to organizations who are interesting in reducing bias, discrimination and improve hiring results.

This new Software as Service Tool is currently in beta but has been used to validate a number of Assessment tests and Employee evaluation programs already with great success. In the current era of heightened scrutiny of fair and effective hiring practices this tool will dramatically decrease the cost and time it will take organizations to validate their hiring process and uncover bias to be corrected. It will give organizations confidence in their hiring processes moving forward in a legally defensible manner. All while advancing diversity in the workplace.

The process for validating a structured hiring process or assessment test can be long and difficult. Even if you know which steps to take, it can be very tedious to do things such as creating and analyzing different iterations of the assessment or structured interview you are validating or subsetting your respondent data into different categories to make comparisons between them. And if you make a mistake somewhere, it could mean hours of rework just to ensure you are getting an accurate representation of your assessment.

We have certainly been no exception to experiencing these challenges while validating our own pre-employment assessments. And while there are some existing tools that do help solve these problems, they are not typically designed solely for assessment validation, creating a steep learning curve just to use them for that single purpose. So, over the past two years, we have been developing our own internal tool specifically designed to streamline the validation process of our assessments.

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