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iCIMS, a leading provider of talent acquisition technology, today announced availability of its award-winning solution, iCIMS Candidate Experience Management (CXM), at the iCIMS Next virtual user conference. iCIMS Next attendees received a first-hand look at how iCIMS CXM can enable users to find candidates that are both most interested and most qualified through a combination of advanced marketing automation, engagement scoring and artificial intelligence – a first of its kind for candidate relationship management (CRM) technology. The new solution builds upon iCIMS’ longstanding AI innovation program and empowers organizations to find and nurture talent that converts to quality hires.

iCIMS CXM can help talent teams:

  • Rediscover existing, primed talent and save on costs. iCIMS CXM integrates with iCIMS ATS to automatically surface hidden gems – silver medalists, top applicants and past employees – all in one place.
  • Create hyper-personalized candidate journeys and improve engagement. Recruiters can craft personalized outreach that resonates with each candidate based on their unique interactions with your content, boosting engagement and conversions.
  • Save time with high levels of automation. Teams can automate the process of finding and engaging top talent, freeing up recruiters and sourcers from time-consuming tasks and optimizing productivity.

Eric Connors, chief product officer, iCIMS. said “iCIMS CXM is pressing the reset button on recruitment marketing and reimagining CRM technology as we know it. We’re giving recruiters and TA teams a new way to provide top-notch candidate experiences at scale, reduce manual effort and yield better recruitment ROI in the process.”

Karat, the world’s only end-to-end partner for technical hiring, launched a new integrated solution to revolutionize early-career hiring. In conjunction with the launch, Karat also published its inaugural rankings of the Best Schools to Hire Software Engineers using the data and insights from nearly half a million technical assessments and interviews.

Karat’s skill-focused hiring solution comes at a critical time for organizations looking to bolster their engineering capabilities with the emergence of generative AI. The solution allows talent and engineering leaders to cast a wider net for the skills they need, moving beyond the traditional view of university recruiting at a small subset of schools to reach more candidates with fewer resources.

The 2024 best schools report analyzes interview and hiring outcomes from thousands of candidates across more than thirty countries. U.S. schools shined in this year’s rankings, making up 32 of the top 50 worldwide. India had the second most top 50 schools with 5, followed by China and Canada with 4 each.

In addition to interview performance, the research looks at the total volume of computer science students in each program, average starting compensation for new grads, and close rates (i.e. the percentage of candidates who accept job offers) from each school to provide users with a comprehensive view across each talent pool.

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