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hireEZ, the only end-to-end Outbound Recruiting Platform, announced strong 2022 performance and multiple industry accolades for its success in supporting companies through challenging shifts in hiring needs, leading to its emergence as a dominant leader in talent acquisition technology.

Through massive swings in hiring priorities that enterprise organizations faced in 2022, from white hot high-volume staffing early in the year to a sharp focus on retaining business-critical personnel, hireEZ sustained increasing demand and earned numerous awards for its Outbound Recruiting Platform. Following a rebrand and the close of a $26M funding round, the success of the hireEZ platform has been validated by a 26% increase in users year over year.

“We’re planning ahead for our customers and are prepared for a highly competitive talent acquisition market as we head into 2023,” said hireEZ CEO and co-founder Steven Jiang. “Right now, we’re focused on using our strong position to maximize investment in the platform, offering recruiting teams the only solution built to help them proactively find and engage the right talent, at the right time, with the right message, and meet hiring goals as business needs shift.”

As companies look to retain talent amid the uneven recovery of the post-pandemic labor market,Bluecrew, the first W-2 Workforce-as-a-Service platform providing workplaces with high-quality hourly workers, today unveiled data around how much American businesses spend annually to recruit, employ, and retain an hourly workforce. Findings from the report, “The True Cost of Recruitment and Employment,” show that, on average, the annual turnover for hourly workers can be as high as 49%. As inflation drives many workers to look for better paying jobs or ways to supplement their current income, it can cost employers more than $6,700 to replace a single worker making $15 per hour.

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Various factors––such as losses incurred to the employer by not filling a position efficiently and effectively, replacement costs, and the ultimate price of a bad hire––add up to the true cost of recruitment, to which businesses across the country are losing thousands of dollars annually. In fact, turnover for a 50-person workforce could cost companies more than $168,000 per year. 

“The price of hiring or replacing employees is no minor line item, yet it’s often ignored. The high costs associated with recruitment shouldn’t just be accepted as a part of doing business,” said Bluecrew Chief Customer Officer, Matt Laurinas. “Bluecrew is on the forefront of lessening the burden of the hiring costs it historically takes to find, employ, and keep the best workers for each job. Our platform enables companies to easily manage the variable demands of their business with a flexible hourly workforce that doesn’t require the up-front costs in both time and resources, nor the ongoing costs to retain talent.” 

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