Paycor Announces New Scheduling Solutions

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Human Capital Management (HCM) company Paycor today announced its new Scheduling and Scheduling Pro solutions that enhance its Time and Attendance offering. Paycor’s best-in-class scheduling solutions help organizations take control of labor costs as well as optimize staff to increase efficiency and productivity by simplifying and automating the processes for scheduling employees.

According to SHRM, employee tardiness at work cost US businesses more than $3 billion annually in 2005. As such, 15 years later, many of today’s organizations are still faced with challenges such as increased labor costs and wasted hours due to inefficiencies related to scheduling.

Paycor Scheduling and Scheduling Pro maximize productivity by cutting down on manual processes and letting employees and managers access scheduling information anytime, anywhere. Not only do these solutions keep labor costs in check, but they have the added benefit of facilitating greater accountability and engagement across the workforce by empowering employees to take control over their own schedules.

With Paycor Scheduling and Scheduling Pro, leaders now have the ability to create a flexible, one-of-a-kind solution with features that meet their specific scheduling needs, no matter how complex.

Paycor Scheduling
Key features of Paycor Scheduling include:

  • Develop templates for faster scheduling with reliable, error-free work schedules that can be edited at any time. Create templates, assign shifts and easily drag and drop shifts with just a few clicks.
  • Maximize coverage by automating how and when employee breaks occur.
  • Schedule employees via mobile device from any location at any time, keeping teams organized.
  • Ensure complete visibility and minimize missed shifts or late arrivals by sending notifications and shift reminders in real-time via a mobile device or by email.
  • Optimize coverage availability by allowing employees to proactively set their availability.
  • Provide insights into an organization’s shift hours and costs, cutting down on costly mistakes such as overstaffing.

Scheduling Pro
With Scheduling Pro, clients receive all the benefits of Paycor Scheduling as well as additional features. These include:

  • Establish scheduling rules by setting daily or weekly rules and creating minimum rest times.
  • Empower employees to swap or trade shifts with other employees.
  • Engage employees through self-service capabilities by allowing them to set their own availability and pick up or drop shifts.
  • Schedule smarter and increase productivity by optimizing shift coverage based on job, department and location. Configure third-party work locations, auto-fill shifts and establish employee acknowledgements.
  • Facilitate timely communication with work schedule updates and shift reminders sent via text or group chats.
  • Budget planning features allow organizations to compare labor costs against needs in real-time, reducing overspending. Monitor schedules by shifts or jobs and establish daily budget caps to control labor expenses.

Paycor Scheduling is available for prospects and current clients that have Paycor Time and Attendance. For more complex scheduling challenges, prospect or clients can upgrade to Scheduling Pro. For more information, please click here.

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