Phenom Launches Four New Product Innovations

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PHILADELPHIA, March 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced the addition of several new products and enhanced features to the Phenom TXM platform, including True 1-to-1 Personalization, Phenom Gigs, Frontline Hiring Manager and Phenom Scheduling.

Talent departments are spending $250 billion on recruitment, interviewing and candidate assessment solutions. But as employers invest in these disparate technologies, they sacrifice efficiency and deliver a disconnected experience throughout the talent lifecycle. Phenom TXM is a single platform that individualizes the end-to-end talent journey for candidates, recruiters, employees and management.

“Today’s talent demands a seamless journey throughout their experience, from job seeker to employee advocate,” said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder at Phenom. “To achieve this, employers have to attract, activate and acquire the next wave of top talent—and then upskill, enrich and retain them. With talent experience management, it all happens in a unified, omni-channel platform.”

Innovations to the Phenom TXM platform deliver productivity for each experience with hyper-personalized career sites that convert candidates, internal talent opportunities that upskill employees, self-service interview scheduling that assist recruiters, and more.

AI-powered personalization enhances the candidate experience:

True 1-to-1 Personalization delivers a dynamic, individualized candidate experience at every stage of a job seeker’s end-to-end talent journey, from first site visit to offer.

Phenom analyzes candidate interactions across all channels to present relevant job recommendations, job fit indicators, search results, branded content and tailored experiences to match each candidate’s needs, increasing site conversion.

Leverage intelligent “one-click personalization” to easily make content dynamic, or create custom on-site experiences based on user segments: new visitor, returning visitor, lead, qualified lead or applicant.

Instant calendar access optimizes and streamlines the recruiter experience:

Recruiter-initiated Phenom Scheduling integrates with team calendars and time block preferences, and allows candidates to self-select their ideal interview times, keeping everyone in sync.

Internal talent marketplace progresses the employee experience:

Phenom Gigs embraces the rising gig economy as a welcome catalyst for talent evolution.

Gigs is an internal talent marketplace where managers can create short-term projects (or gigs) that give employees real-world work experience and new skills that support their goals. Gigs serve as a development opportunity for employees to upskill and advance in their career. Managers also benefit by saving time and money that would otherwise be spent finding and hiring freelancers, contractors and consultants.

Role-based access simplifies and scales the management experience:

Frontline Hiring Manager allows large organizations to empower recruiters and hiring managers at franchise or retail locations with role-based access to the Phenom TXM platform. Teams can manage their own jobs, pipelines, candidates and messaging when hiring for a specific location or region.

With Frontline Hiring Manager, franchises and retail organizations can transform their management experience and easily deploy Talent Experience Management at scale.

Each Phenom TXM platform feature advances talent acquisition and talent development efforts. By leveraging a single platform, employers can better attract, engage, convert and develop their top talent. As the talent experiences are streamlined, HR departments can expect better KPIs and ROI.

Register for the webinar to see the new features.

Read the blog to learn more about the product releases.

Visit the Phenom website to learn more background on the products.

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