Phenom Study: Recruitment Chatbots Double Candidate Leads

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PHILADELPHIA, March 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today released its report, Chatbots for Recruiting: 2020 Benchmarks, which analyzes more than 20 million chatbot interactions from over 100 Phenom Bot deployments. The report showcases how career sites with chatbots convert more applicants and nearly double the number of candidate leads.

According to the report, chatbots play a significant role in the candidate journey, validating the need for organizations to adopt and implement them during the hiring process. In one use case, a healthcare company experienced a 1,142% increase in candidate leads in the first 30 days.

Key findings include:

Chatbots on career sites convert more candidates than those without:

  • 95% more job seekers become leads
  • 40% more job seekers complete an application
  • 13% more job seekers click apply on a job requisition

Highest chatbot engagement occurs outside of traditional 9am to 5pm business hours:

  • 66% of total chatbot interactions
  • 60% of completed applications
  • 48% of apply clicks

The most common topics candidates ask chatbots:

  • Apply & application status
  • Benefits & compensation
  • Job search

Chatbots are powerful recruitment and engagement tools that aid in the entire candidate experience, allowing job seekers to engage with the employer brand and find the right job faster. Chatbots, such as Phenom Bot, that natively integrate with career sites seamlessly enhance the candidate journey during the search and apply process: as a job seeker interacts with the chatbot and provides details about their skills and employment history, the chatbot and career site deliver recommended jobs and content, as well as real-time answers to their questions.

In addition to enhancing the candidate experience, chatbots help eliminate talent acquisition challenges by automating time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, screening, scheduling and answering candidate FAQs. As the chatbot builds candidate pipelines, recruiters can focus more on nurturing relationships with top talent.

“Consistent, personalized candidate engagement is vital to driving applicants through the recruiting funnel,” said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder at Phenom. “Serving as the communication channel for critical touchpoints throughout the talent journey, chatbots are invaluable in shifting activity into productivity, which is the next evolution of recruiting.”

The report includes additional findings on chatbot trends, including case studies and adoption across frontline and knowledge workers.

Download the report for the full analysis of chatbot performance.

Register for the webinar to dive deeper into the data.

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