SutiHR Updates Recruitment, Performance Management, and Time Management Modules

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SutiSoft Inc., a leading provider of easy-to-use cloud-based online business management solutions, announces updates to the Recruitment, Performance Management, and Time Management modules of SutiHR, its online HR management platform. The sophisticated features of our solution simplify the talent acquisition process and keep hiring managers from wasting time interviewing candidates that lack necessary qualifications. The software facilitates HR Administrators to configure recurring performance reviews based on an employee’s work anniversary.

Some of the latest features include:

Reject Candidates based on Knock Out and/or Scorecard Questions: When posting a requisition, HR Admins can set whether an applicant should be rejected based on knock out questions identified at the job application form level, or score card questions or both. Knock out questions in the job application process helps eliminate candidates who are unable to perform the key job functions or lack necessary qualifications. Candidates that answer incorrectly to the knockout questions will be automatically rejected or HR Admins can manually reject applicants after verifying the knockout and/or scorecard questions.

Skip HR Admin Feedback: HR Admins can either submit interview feedback for an employee or skip.

Auto Schedule Performance Reviews excluding Work Anniversaries and Scheduled Reviews Range: When configuring auto-recurring performance reviews based on employee work anniversaries, HR Admins can exclude reviews for employees that have work anniversaries within a specific date range and reviews that were already scheduled within the specified date range. 

Schedule Review Meetings without Employee/Manager Confirmation: HR Admin can now schedule an in-person review meeting without the confirmation of employees.

Export Manual Reviews: The solution allows HR Admins to export and view the list of manual reviews uploaded into the solution in either PDF and Excel formats.

Add Locations to Work Shifts: When creating a new work shift template, HR Admins can add location(s) to that work shift. This makes it easy to assign a location when creating a work schedule for an employee.

Assign Onboarding Tasks after the Probation Period: When creating an onboarding task, HR Admins can now define how many days after the probation period the task should be assigned to the employees. Initially the task will be saved as a draft and assigned to the employees once the probation period has been completed.

For more information, please visit: or call us on 650-969-SUTI.

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