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Talkpush, the leader in recruitment automation, wants to work with companies that see their talent pool as their greatest competitive asset. Vervoe, the leader in skills assessments, is on a mission to reinvent the recruiting experience to make it effective, fair and enjoyable. The two companies’ complementary services help employers expand their talent pool, and build a better, more universal, and validated recruitment process. The companies are delighted to announce a partnership, supported by an integration between the two platforms, that will benefit its joint customers to help them identify the most suitable candidates faster, and give candidates more real-time visibility into the hiring process.

Vervoe is an assessment platform that offers customizable assessments for employers to test both technical and soft skills for a complete candidate profile — with AI-powered candidate ranking for data-driven decision making.

Talkpush users can now create workflows in which shortlisted candidates automatically receive a position-specific Vervoe assessment. With both platforms completely in sync, recruiters can now view candidates progress and assessment scores in real-time.

How it works
Candidates can apply through their preferred channel, be it Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or job boards on the company’s career site. Once they complete their pre-screening, they automatically receive the link to the position-specific Vervoe assessment. Once the assessment is complete, Vervoe automatically adds the score to the candidate profile inside Talkpush, so that recruiters can easily see it, share it and make the right decision.


  • Real-time decisions for candidates, as the Vervoe score is used in combination with other candidate data to move successful candidates to the next step in the recruitment process in Talkpush.
  • Increased completion rate, as candidates receive timed reminders to complete the assessment via messaging, reducing drop-off in the process.
  • Better candidate experience, as they receive all the relevant information in their preferred communication channel plus the assessment uses immersive question types like video, multiple-choice and code challenges that candidates love.
  • Avoids human errors as nothing is lost in translation. Talent Acquisition teams have real-time information without having to scrape or transfer from one system to the other.
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One of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart, is now taking advantage of the automation between these two tools in Central America, to shorten its hiring cycles and improve the candidate experience.

“Integrating the Vervoe scoring system with Talkpush allowed us to get back to candidates immediately with a decision, shortening our time to hire considerably.” — David Castro, Talent Acquisition Manager for Central America at Walmart

Integrations are an important part of a successful Talent Acquisition tech stack, and it’s up to these teams to become the architects of the experience. Connecting the dots in the most efficient way for their model. Talkpush can help.

For more integration possibilities and information on Talkpush’s open API visit:

About Talkpush

Talkpush is the leading recruitment automation platform. Hiring is about starting conversations; and Talkpush is on a mission to level up the recruitment experience. The way people communicate is ever-changing and talent acquisition needs to change with it. We empower candidates by getting their voices heard; and we delight recruiters with technology that lets them talk directly with the right talent faster. Talkpush accelerates recruiting for leading employers such as Walmart, McDonald’s, Adecco and Concentrix.

About Vervoe

Vervoe is an AI-driven SaaS platform that helps users make informed decisions about candidates across any role or industry. Using customizable skills assessments that test a range of skills including both technical and soft skills. Candidates are immersed in the process using tools, like spreadsheets or code, that are key to the role.

AI powers the platform through a set of algorithmic models that measure the quality of their responses against millions of data points. This is presented back to you in a complete candidate profile allowing you to make informed decisions.

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