What to Look for at HR Tech Conference

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The HR Tech Conference happens next week in Vegas. Here’s what’s new in the market…

Here is a list of exhibitors planning to announce new products at the conference:

ADP – Booth No. 4518

ADP’s Voice of the Employee provides a way for companies to gather and analyze employee sentiment and feedback throughout the employee lifecycle with turnkey, configurable surveys backed by proven research methodology from ADP Research Institute. 

Alive5 – Booth No. 833

“Text to Hire,” a new solution from Alive5.com, simplifies hiring by producing more qualified candidates while recruiters sort through fewer resumes. Candidates scan a QR code or text JOBS to a company’s phone number. An automated chatbot then performs a “chat interview” to create a pool of highly qualified candidates for follow up via one-to-one or group text.

Applaud – Booth No. 821

Applaud’s new product update, Lyceum, enables users to interact with Applaud’s digital services all via Slack. Employees can receive important notifications, such as documents that need signing, directly to Slack. Other updates include a new job board template that enables users to attract professionals with the right skills and experience. Applaud’s new virtual assistant also allows users to access extra support instantly.

AspireHR – Booth No. 5038

AspireHR will launch AspireHR Recruiting, a scalable AI recruiting platform that enables video and mobile experiences. The solution enables the identification and engagement of top talent faster and elimination of manual tasks with automated processes and optimized workflows. AspireHR can remove bias, ensure compliance and support better hiring decisions with integrated analytics.

AtlasJobs – Booth No. 514AU

AtlasJobs will introduce its unique platform and AI tools that allow companies to categorize, scale and promote jobs across the opportunity map. Key features include a map-centric job discovery platform and intuitive UI for Gen Z with web and mobile versions.

Awardco – Booth No. 6509

Introducing AwardCodes: an offline method of rewarding and recognizing all employees, whether they have access to a computer or not. AwardCodes are customizable codes that are designed to enhance the employee recognition experience. Employees scan the code and are led directly to their reward platform, with their points automatically deposited into their accounts.

Azilen Technologies – Booth No. 707

Azilen presents its Services Framework for Software Engineering in NextGen HR Tech products, designed and adapted to solve the typical challenges of HR Tech product development. Whether it is an on-ground understanding of the HR Tech domain and business functions from Hire to Retire or the technology mix with the right skill people and specially crafted methodologies, the Service framework covers the entire software development lifecycle.

Baker-Eubanks – Booth No. 934

Baker-Eubanks launches a customizable, tech-enabled digital solution to help employers drive better outcomes by transforming their approach to employee background screening. Candidates can quickly submit needed information using the new secure, mobile-friendly platform. The employer and candidate experience are fully FCRA compliant and seamless, removing the guesswork and providing confidence in their data protection to the candidate.

BarrierBreak – Booth No. 928

Offshore digital accessibility consulting firm BarrierBreak launches a Trusted Partner Program for HR Tech companies focused on delivering accessibility. HR Tech solutions can benefit from BarrierBreak’s 20+ years of expertise and meet Section 508 and ADA Compliance. The program will provide access to strategic advice on accessibility, understanding of lived experiences of disabled people and consulting support on sales meetings.

Betts Recruiting – Booth No. 7130

Betts Recruiting is launching Just in Time Talent, a new product from its Connect platform in which clients can buy introductions to active, engaged and pre-vetted candidates. This creates a model in which clients can predict hiring costs while scaling and cutting recruiter overhead.

BrightPlan – Booth No. 2612

BrightPlan, a leader in Total Financial Wellness, will unveil a new global feature that elevates the employee experience by providing workers with equity compensation planning and management capabilities. BrightPlan will debut this new offering at the conference, aiding employers in better engaging and retaining top talent and supporting employees in making the most of their employer-provided equity and other investment opportunities.

Clarity Benefits Solutions – Booth No. 2634

Clarity Benefit Solutions delivers a new and modern approach to HSA investing that allows employees to personalize their investment journey to fit their unique needs and experience level. With the WealthCare Saver investment solution, employees can choose from three different investment models – Managed, Self-Directed and first-of-its-kind Brokerage options – all of which are designed to help them work toward their long-term investing goals.

Claro Analytics – Booth No. 607

Claro Analytics, a global labor market intelligence platform, is launching a new candidate relationship management (CRM) system that will leverage its comprehensive workforce data repository to help recruiters connect with more than 400 million candidates worldwide. The addition of the CRM will allow companies to replace several technology platforms with Claro Analytics, so they can identify, source, hire and retain top talent.

Dalia – Booth No. 316

Forty-five percent of companies never communicate with talent network members after they sign up, resulting in inefficient hiring and poor job seeker experiences. Dalia is excited to announce the launch of Reengage. It automatically sends new job postings and helpful content via SMS and email to preexisting talent networks in the ATS and CRM, enabling employers to nurture quality talent, recruit more efficiently and accelerate hiring.

Dashboard Gear – Booth No. 3036

Dashboard Gear is excited to release its Power BI People Analytics module. This new product creates fully customizable/out-of-the-box Power BI HR Analytics Models and Dashboards. These Dashboards are integrated and automated with most major HRMS systems, ensuring HR Analytics projects are up and running in days instead of months.

Decusoft – Booth No. 4929

Decusoft introduces its new OKRs and Performance module, enabling organizations to create, document and cascade Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) across the workforce as well as track/report and measure Performance objectively using data and AI-driven workflows. The company focuses on elevating the performance review experience and automating decision-making in Decusoft’s cloud-based Compensation Management, Administration and DEI Analytics suite.

Doublefin – Booth No. 6200

Doublefin, the intelligent and collaborative resource planning platform, will announce the release of Doublefin Headcount. Doublefin Headcount is modern headcount management and planning for people teams, finance business partners and leaders. Reimagined from the ground up, Doublefin Headcount enables organizations to leverage real-time headcount and hiring insights, analytics and intuitive management workflows to grow intelligently.

Earnin – Booth No. 622

Earnin launches its Employee Insights Report, allowing HR professionals to understand how many Earnin users are current employees of their company and how much of their earned wages they are accessing before payday. These insights help inform HR decision makers on the demand of EWA within their own companies in real-time and the zero-cost and zero-integration benefits of implementing Earnin as a financial well-being benefit.

EasyLlama – Booth No. 2336

EasyLlama announces the release of Wage and Hour Training, a new training based on the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Wage and Hour course establishes a standard of guidelines for employers to adhere to in the workplace. It provides employers and employees with an understanding of the rights guaranteed under FLSA and establishes a set of standards that protect employees from potential abuse while safeguarding employers from potential litigation.

Educe – Booth No. 2012

Educe will announce the release of Transition Manager. A restructuring system at heart, Transition Manager, operationalizes the processing, management, and reporting for workforce reduction events. Driven by HRIS, payroll and performance system applications integrations, the software combines an organization’s most critical employment and separation program data, event selection criteria and administration into a single platform.

Emergy – Booth No. 514AB

Emergy Emotional Climate Audit™ will help identify what emotions are running the workplace and how they impact employees. Then, Emergy gives the organization and its employees the concrete tools and processes that help deal with different challenging situations that occur in every organization.

Equifax Workforce Solutions – Booth No. 2913

Equifax® will launch Reemployment Services from Workforce Solutions to help separated employees get back to work more quickly and help reduce unemployment costs for employers. The service will include 1:1 personalized job coaching to help springboard job seekers paired with a training platform, robust job search capabilities, a mock interview tool, personality profile, step-by-step resume builder and detailed job seeker reporting.

Erudit – Booth No. 631

Erudit launches Insights Report. Erudit’s AI-powered HR Tool was trained by psychologists to measure engagement and the risk of burnout and turnover from organic communications data (emails, chats, etc.) with zero surveys. Going the extra mile for their first clients, Erudit’s experts further analyzed the metrics to produce a monthly Insights Report that breaks down each department into profiles, helping leaders better manage their people.

Experience.com – Booth No. 3234

New workflows in the Experience.com Experience Management Platform (XMP) drive specific business outcomes for employee experience customers, including boosting Glassdoor ratings and celebrating employee performance company wide.

Extraview – Booth No. 5634

HR tech startup Extraview launches at the conference and aims to solve diversity problems AI can’t fix. After eight years of research, Extraview rebuilt the interview process to bring fairness and consistency to leadership and management assessment. Through on-demand training and a new interview methodology, Extraview aim to replace competency interviews resulting in better diversity and performance in the workplace.

FactoryFix – Booth No. 2638

Introducing FactoryFix Plus+, a turn-key recruitment solution that helps schedule more interviews with qualified applicants by layering human support on top of FactoryFix’s sourcing and screening technology. FactoryFix Plus+ works best for high-volume hourly jobs, combining FactoryFix’s talent network and automated matching technology with a personal assistant that manages the entire pre-interview process.

Finwello – Booth No. 5319

Finwello will launch its much-anticipated Employee Financial Wellness app. Finwello is an employer-paid benefit that uses behavioral science and data-driven insights to help employees build positive financial habits. The app monitors day-to-day finances identifies financial gaps and opportunities and makes it easy to move money to boost savings and repay credit cards.

First Advantage – Booth No. 1414

Hire smarter and onboard faster with First Advantage’s new Applicant Experience (AX). Designed for the modern workforce, the API-first background screening solution integrates with global partner ecosystems to simplify the applicant experience with a mobile approach and intuitive workflows. For recruiters and HR teams, AX improves the data quality and turnaround time for quicker hiring decisions and onboarding.

Flexaday – Booth No. 514AS

Flexday Solutions announces the release of its AI-based collaboration platform – openforcoffee.ai. Open for Coffee uses advanced AI techniques to enable skill-based collaboration amongst colleagues. It learns and continuously updates itself from enterprise HR systems and ensures that people within an organization can discover and network with team members across geographies, cultures, hierarchies, silos and functions.

Fountain – Booth No. 2615

Fountain, an applicant tracking system (ATS) for high-volume hiring, announces the release of a redesigned applicant experience and an expanded rich messaging platform with the launch of WhatsApp and MMS. With a major focus on candidates, Fountain is driving “Really Human Hiring” to become the standard for high-volume hourly positions.

Fuel50 – Booth No. 4334

Fuel50’s new Workforce Insights power organizations with intelligent dynamic data that goes beyond simple analytics. Fuel50 analyzes each organization as it engages with its skills-based Talent Marketplace, providing a powerful lens to talents, skills, and people to help identify skills gaps, boost retention, improve recruiting outcomes and support strategic workforce decisions.

Geographic Solutions – Booth No. 3434

In response to job seeker and employer demand, Geographic Solutions is adding quality Gig jobs to its national jobs database that serves 40 states and U.S. territories through workforce development, unemployment insurance and labor market information solutions. The addition of these Gig jobs aligns with Geographic Solutions’ commitment to connecting users to the best jobs and candidates.

Greenwich.HR – Booth No. 7121

Greenwich.HR is pleased to announce the launch of WageScape, a new interactive compensation dashboard powered by its comprehensive labor market data set. WageScape offers next-generation compensation intelligence designed to provide the insights needed in today’s fast-moving, hyper-competitive talent market. WageScape helps users see what’s coming on the horizon for pay trends and labor market intelligence in easy-to-use data visualizations.

Harri – Booth No. 6214

Frontline Employee Experience leader Harri introduces Performance Management. The centralized hub within the Harri platform helps build a structured, accurate and timeline-driven performance review process, providing a library of templated review questions, position and wage adjustment recommendations based on performance ratings and the ability to create a review cycle automatically. This works to elevate and streamline the review experience.

HighMatch – Booth No. 4936

HighMatch, a talent insights platform, will announce the launch of its new personalized assessment product, HighMatch Create. Create enables HighMatch’s workplace psychologists to collaborate with talent teams to build hyper-personalized candidate assessments that are uniquely tailored to the role and culture. Fast, mobile and fully configurable, Create leads to higher predictive ability and improved hiring manager adoption.

Holistic AI – Booth No. 6833

Increasingly HR Tech solution providers are being pressed by regulators to be compliant with ever-new regulations and norms. Holistic AI is expanding its encompassing SaaS solution to help organizations not only get compliant with NYC Bias Audit but with similar ones in California and Illinois, as well as the upcoming EU AI Act.

Illoominus Software – Booth No. 514Y

2022 Pitchfest participant Illoominus will showcase its data and analytics platform designed to empower organizations to understand diversity, equity and inclusion commitments across the employee journey and proactively manage these strategies.

Immerse – Booth No. 2103

Immerse will launch its latest product, “VR in a Box,” the all-in-one, frictionless solution for enterprises looking to begin a VR journey. Designed for enterprise companies with very little or no virtual reality experience, VR in a Box provides every tool and software component necessary to implement Immerse’s platform and XR initiatives.

inspace – Booth No. 3038

inspace, an all-in-one workspace management platform for hybrid teams, releases a new web and iOS app version to help enhance employees’ experience, regardless of working from home or in the office. The updated features include a notification panel for admins to send out company-wide and employee-specific alerts, a colleague view for users to see where their peers are working, new integrations with popular productivity tools and redesigned UI.

ishield.ai – Booth No. 514S

ishield.ai launches “Dost – an inclusive communications assistant” for Microsoft Teams and Slack. Dost eliminates toxicity, bias and microaggressions towards gender, race, age etc., from all text and images in employee chat. Dost provides a real-time, 1:1 nudge to the sender, explains the issue found and suggests inclusive alternatives. In addition, brands can customize Dost as per their DEI standards.

Klnch – Booth No. 514BH

Klnch is excited to announce the Klnch People Platform. Leveraging its patent-pending Human Aspect ValueTM, the solution provides real-time user-driven insight into the well-being of any organization. Know when to pivot, intervene, or celebrate and show employees you care by listening and improving communications while reducing time spent on traditional surveys.

Kunik – Booth No. 514AZ

What do ERGs, new hires, managers and hybrid teams have in common? Cohorts. Introducing Kunik Cohorts. Intimate, small groups with a deep focus on peer learning and practical skills. Led by pioneers and experts, Cohorts are designed to maximize connection, learning and growth. Kunik’s newest Cohorts are ERG Leadership Academy, New Manager Fundamentals, Hacking Hybrid and Onboarding Overhaul.

Lightcast – Booth No. 7300

Lightcast will announce its newest tool: Talent Transform. With Talent Transform, when titles are normalized, they are translated and connected to the most relevant, utilized terminology across the labor market, allowing employers to gain crucial insights from external labor data, compare and contrast roles to competitors and build skill profiles that bring context and meaning to roles and job titles.

MeBeBot – Booth No. 514AD

MeBeBot announces a new product module, the Manager ToolBot™. MeBeBot’s AI Intelligent Assistant is designed to increase efficiencies, improve productivity and ensure real-time communications within the flow of work. With an increased focus on improving the employee experience and reducing turnover, the Manager ToolBot™ helps organizations support the unique needs of people managers.

Motivosity – Booth No. 5321

Motivosity’s product provides amazing employee recognition solutions, but the upcoming launch of “Achievement Based Awards” increases the potential of employee engagement efforts. HR teams will be able to promote and manage corporate initiatives like wellness programs, security or safety trainings, and employee referrals. With 95% user adoption, initiatives will be front and center for team members, increasing the likelihood of completion.

Occuscreen – Booth No. 2105

Occuscreen now offers a simple integration solution that works with virtually any Applicant Tracking System, Payroll system or other onboarding systems on the market. This solution allows employers to order a background check, check on status and view final results without ever leaving your hiring platform, with no huge setup fee, large monthly payments or time waiting for the integration to take place.

One Model – Booth No. 2102

One Model announces two new product features at HR Tech. One AI Recipes makes it easy for HR analytics users to build and deploy powerful and transparent predictive models on the People Data Cloud™️ platform. And Org Charts is a fast and easy way to visually navigate through any organizational hierarchy to explore any group or individual, including chain of command.

Onwards HR – Booth No. 2335

Onwards HR announces an employee separations tool dedicated to for-cause terminations, a highly sensitive and individualized area. The for-cause terminations offering includes several customizable features, such as language that prohibits rehire or limits the continuation of benefits. The product leverages Onwards HR’s advanced rules engine and document generator, changing the way employers handle for-cause terminations.

OrbisPay – Booth No. 520

OrbisPay will announce the newest update to its earned wage access program portal and showcase new wellness portal functionality that is launching in September.

Paychex – Booth No. 3410

Paychex, Inc. announces the latest enhancement to Paychex Flex®, the company’s SaaS-based HR software solution, a new conversational AI feature called Paychex Voice Assist. This feature enables users to run payroll through any Google Assistant-compatible device for a hands-free experience with the sound of a verified user’s voice.

Phenom – Booth No. 5125

Phenom releases major enhancements to its AI Scheduling, Video Assessments and High-Volume Hiring solutions. Driven by AI to bring automation and personalization to candidates, recruiters and hiring managers throughout their journey, these advancements can improve hiring efficiency by up to 90 percent.

Pinsight – Booth No. 4637

Pinsight’s Development Dashboard enables organizations to foster a coaching culture and improve the quality of 1-on-1 development discussions with visibility of leaders’ development progress. While leaders build skills via daily exercises in The Pinsight App, managers and coaches can view leaders’ selected focus areas, improvements and receive targeted discussion prompts to support and motivate leaders based on their unique stage of development.

PivotCX – Booth No. 514B

PivotCX Meet is the latest communication channel added to the PivotCX Recruiting Communications Hub. Adding real-time video in conjunction with the existing communication channels exponentially increases the immediacy of being able to connect quality candidates with hiring managers. PivotCX Meet empowers recruiters to operate at the speed and scale required to meet hiring goals while also providing an excellent experience for candidates.

Printfection – Booth No. 5900

Printfection, a swag management platform used by HR teams to create and send branded employee gear to staff around the world, is pleased to announce that customers can now brand the packaging tape used on their custom employee swag kits and other gift boxes. This makes for even more exciting unboxing experiences for employees.

ProboTalent – Booth No. 514AI

ProboTalent will announce the launch of its new Automated Reference Checking Platform, transforming the process. Recruiters submit unlimited customized reference requests in seconds, candidates and references receive emails and text messages to complete the process quickly on any device, returning data-driven reports and analytics within 24 hours to support better hiring decisions. ATS integrations and white label licenses are available.

PTO Genius – Booth No. 2009

PTO Genius is launching its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of paid time off monitoring and alerting feature, helping companies ensure equality of time off.

Public Insight – Booth No. 4638

Public Insight announces the latest release of its TalentView Job Market Data and Analytics Platform, which introduces employer benchmarking insights. Employers are compared by over 100 job market KPIs across postings, supply/demand, ad content, compensation and employer reputation. Instantly visualize trends across titles, regions, occupations and industries.

Pulse – Automatic Status – Booth No. 514O

Pulse — Automatic Status upgrades the arcane online status indicator found in workplace communication tools like Slack into insightful, dynamically adjusting status for teams. Pulse is announcing a suite of features for HR leaders to more accurately share culture, schedules, and hybrid work locations to reduce distractions; improve mental health and focus time; invite more collaboration; increase team happiness and engagement.

Quantuvos and Network Q – Booth No. 514AK

Quantuvos introduces Network Q, its 4-tier, Artificial Intelligence-driven professional resource platform. Network Q focuses on helping professionals become better managers, leaders, partners and collaborators. Network Q is available as a stand-alone subscription service and in conjunction with Quantuvos’ Executive-Quality Coaching for Everyone, Everywhere.

Ramped Careers – Booth No. 514AR

Ramped Careers, a skills-based hiring platform that connects pre-skilled and high-quality candidates with hiring companies, is releasing a brand-new employer dashboard that allows partner companies to explore interested candidates and streamline their hiring process. This new release will allow recruiters to view pre-skilled candidates who have completed learning modules and pre-interview training and are ready to begin interviewing ASAP.

ReqCity – Booth No. 514Q

ReqCity announces the launch of a first-of-its-kind job board that benefits everyone by utilizing a vast network of professional recruiters. Companies save money with a lower cost per hire and shorter time to fill. Recruiters are anonymous and get paid upfront. Candidates get more exposure.

ReturnSafe – Booth No. 514L

ReturnSafe announces new hybrid work features and a new brand identity and name, WorkEQ. Through its Hybrid Experience Platform, the company helped employees return to the office safely during the pandemic and is now helping employees create a flexible, healthy and productive work-life balance. The new features work to coordinate schedules, foster engagement and promote workplace wellbeing. ​

Rise – Booth No. 514A

Rise, a platform that helps people build digital identities for the new world of work, will announce the launch of Missions, a gamified way for companies to vet and preview candidates’ work products prior to interviews. Missions enable overlooked candidates to stand out anonymously by showcasing what they can do instead of where they come from.

Rytfit – Booth No. 514G

Rytfit is ready to launch Rythire to automate the entire hiring process and will showcase the solution in the startup pavilion. Rythire helps employers spot, attract and hire talent, jumpstart talent acquisition, go from “Hi” to “Hired” in just seven days, make better hiring decisions by eliminating hiring bias and grow diverse and inclusive workplaces.

SkillsNow – Booth No. 220

SkillsNow, Human Resources SaaS, launches its new fully configurable platform to provide bespoke solutions to enable customers to HireNow, LearnNow and continuously, professionally DevelopNow, all within one modular digital solution – delivering workforce transformation across all verticals, in any technology, skill and geography.

Sonar Talent – Booth No. 514AF

Sonar Talent launches its recruiting intelligence platform, empowering recruiters and hiring managers to see what traits are shared by top industry performers. Real-time market insights accelerate internal alignment on the ideal candidate profile, give hiring managers confidence to extend offers, and open deeper talent pools beyond keyword searches. Increase candidate quality, decrease time to hire and reduce recruiter frustration.

Soundbite.ai – Booth No. 514AY

Soundbite™ for Microsoft Teams and Viva is excited to introduce Soundbite for Cisco Webex to bring next-gen short-form audio and video communications to every enterprise. With employee engagement at an all-time low, meetings and long emails no longer resonate with employees. To feel deeply connected to the workplace and the organization’s mission, employees need to hear directly from their leaders in ways they prefer, no matter where they work.

SPOTLYFE – Booth No. 1234

SPOTLYFE’s Total Life Awareness Platform provides a common language and toolset that shifts the workplace mindset from always-on and reactionary to intentional and purposeful, leading to cultures where people stay longer and contribute more. In a single view, SPOTLYFE gives people a chance to pause and assess their fulfillment in life, then guides them on a path of intentional microchanges, helping them improve their lives one week at a time.

SWIXR – Booth No. 514E

SWIXR is a new algorithm-driven matching platform for hourly jobs. Built for retail, logistics, fulfillment, warehousing, hospitality or any industry that hires hourly employees, precise matching scores will increase candidate engagement and retention, lowering the cost of candidate acquisition and cost per hire. Enterprise products like Geo Elasticity Analytics, Candidate Re-Targeting, White Labeling and integrations work seamlessly with ATS.

Symplicity – Booth No. 4038

Symplicity Recruit will roll out its newest feature, Recommended Candidates. After posting a job, Symplicity will automatically scan through its database to find and surface recommended candidates to the employer. Within minutes, recruiters can review candidate profiles and resumes and invite candidates to apply with a personalized message. Now recruiters can spend less time reviewing resumes and more time engaging with qualified candidates.

TalVista – Booth No. 1236

Dr. Aaron Kay leads a new round of proprietary bias terms research for TalVista, a diversity recruiting SaaS platform. The research builds on Dr. Kay’s work on gendered terms, identifying exclusionary terms for African American, LatinX, Asian, East Indian, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary candidates along with suggested, more inclusive replacement terms for more inclusive job posts. This enhances TalVista’s Job Description and Content Optimization tool.

TaTiO – Booth No. 514W

For HR practitioners struggling to volume-hire qualified candidates, TaTiO’s competency-based sourcing platform guarantees to fill positions for a year. The highly customizable, deep-learning Simulation Generator gives HR the power to create simulations for any job within hours, embedded with text, audio, video, mouse-tracking analysis and more, to predict the best fit for the role. TaTiO helps lower turnover by reducing hiring mismatches.

TeamSense – Booth No. 514N

TeamSense, a communications platform that connects hourly employees and their companies, enhances attendance data by surfacing insights that only exist in the portal. Managers will receive in-depth data to compare absences by month, filter by type and reveal team members with perfect attendance.

ThinkSight – Booth No. 514J

ThinkSight introduces new Pre-Built People Analytics for Municipalities, an analytics platform that has been pre-built to meet the unique talent management needs of counties, cities, towns and school districts.

Thrive360 – Booth No. 514F

Thrive360, the innovative wellbeing marketplace, is announcing its V2 platform release. Thrive focuses on self-service as a first step to expand accessibility and engagement in wellbeing support. This offering includes a Virtual Reality application for Oculus and hundreds of new therapeutic sessions by doctors, therapists, and renowned experts. It also introduces new analytics for organizations to keep a pulse on employee wellbeing.

uMap™ – Booth No. 514BD

uMap™ will announce the latest addition to its Dashboard – the Manager Success Tool. The all-new Manager Success Tool helps organizations develop managers at every level using employee-driven data. With a simple anonymous survey integrated into the coaching process, organizations can access insights about the quality of coaching conversations, the individual strengths of managers and opportunities for managers to grow and develop.

VirgilHR – Booth No. 514BF

VirgilHR announces the launch of its new web-based platform, putting real-time, automated employment and labor law guidance at the HR teams’ fingertips. HR pros are eligible for a free trial of VirgilHR with access to all modules and features, including the VirgilHR chatbot, which provides legal guidance on labor and employment law queries in a moment; educational content developed by experienced labor and employment attorneys; and policy templates.

Walnut EQ – Booth No. 514P

Walnut EQ launches a push benefit platform giving employees tools to build skills and habits that will empower them to manage their own mental health better and improve relationships. The platform also provides employers with up-to-date analytics on the mental health of their employees. Mental health made easy at a fraction of the cost.

Workai – Booth No. 2738

Workai launches a mobile employee app for its Experience Platform. Workai Mobile combines internal comms, social engagement and knowledge management into a single mobile app that helps companies effectively communicate with frontline and remote workers. With its new mobile app, Workai is executing the next stage of its strategy of delivering an all-in-one platform to streamline the employee experience in organizations of any size and industry.

WorkDove – Booth No. 5035

WorkDove is excited to announce its new product offering, WorkDove Ignite, which provides a core platform of apps to quickly launch an effective performance management process starting at $5,000 per year. Ignite includes Jumpstart, a template-based onboarding package that allows users to onboard within 30 days, plus WorkDove’s most popular apps, Performance Review, Check-Ins and Recognition.

Workforce Science Associates – Booth No. 7120

WSA announces a new suite of leadership and culture assessments that give organizations the ability to align leadership effectiveness with engagement and tie individualized manager development plans to competencies that directly impact top drivers of engagement; identify high-performing leaders and optimize selection and onboarding; and hire candidates from diverse backgrounds while building a cohesive, high-performing workforce.

Zipteam – Booth No. 6031
Zipteam announces its beta launch. Zipteam is the first-ever collaborative skills management tool that enables teams to manage skills collaboratively. With Zipteam, users can find hidden experts to gain new insight and solve problems faster. The product utilizes a scalable graph-based method that gathers much more reliable skills data than traditional methods.

ZKTeco – Booth No. 507

ZKTeco releases its new time clock series, the Ultima Series 2, with cutting-edge face and palm biometric technology. ZKTeco’s commitment to provide solutions that can exceed the needs of partners and end-customers has allowed them to design the Ultima Series 2 data collection time clocks with a powerful 8-core processor, high-resolution touch screen, flexible Android operating system, large memory size and multiple communication and power options.

There is still time to attend this year’s conference and see these new products in person. To register, visit https://www.hrtechnologyconference.com/register.

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