Workleap Adds AI to its Employee Experience Software

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MONTRÉAL — Workleap, a leading software company behind products that improve the employee experience for 20,000 companies in more than 100 countries, has unveiled AI capabilities across its Workleap Officevibe, Workleap Onboarding and Workleap Skills products. Going beyond common AI uses like minimizing manual tasks, Workleap’s AI-powered features help advance a company’s overall goals and drive business performance, ensuring the employee experience is more engaging, automated and impactful than ever.

According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 organizations plans to increase their use of automation or AI in recruiting and hiring, while 20% of organizations plan to increase their use of AI for performance management in the next five years. Workleap’s AI investment across its software aims to meet the continued demand for AI and automation within organizations’ HR operations.

Through its unique Innovation Lab, Workleap uses robust, tailored machine-learning models to solve problems previously considered too complex for AI. Workleap’s AI-powered features enhance the connections most critical to performance — employees’ relationships with their managers, peers and responsibilities.

Workleap’s AI investment includes enhancements to:

  • Workleap Officevibe: Makes analyzing feedback and workplace trends efficient and effective with a custom-built natural language processing (NLP) model to help HR teams instantly process the feedback their organizations receive. The model groups qualitative feedback into predetermined “topics,” giving HR teams insight into workforce trends within their organizations.
  • Workleap Onboarding: Leverages the power of AI to simplify and streamline onboarding processes by enabling HR teams to convert existing onboarding materials into beautiful, engaging digital onboarding experiences with minimal effort. The AI Onboarding Wizard transforms and personalizes static documents into comprehensive, dynamic onboarding plans in seconds by understanding and translating onboarding materials applicable to employees based on individual roles, titles and departments.
  • Workleap Skills: Maps and assesses teams’ skills in minutes, fueling a robust talent management platform to help unlock employee progression paths and skills development opportunities. The AI-powered solution identifies opportunities based on workforce competencies, selects and weighs appropriate skills and generates accurate, relevant job descriptions that HR teams can use to identify employee upskilling opportunities and fill open positions internally.
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The same survey found that 92% of organizations using automation or AI are sourcing those tools directly from a vendor. Businesses are looking to HR technology providers for AI and automation implementation. Workleap’s AI features aim to maximize users’ time and efforts to enhance the employee experience within their organizations.

“Workleap stands out for two key qualities: first, its simplicity enables it to support users without being intrusive; and second, its depth of functionality creates enjoyable user experiences. AI has the potential to revolutionize the employee experience, amplifying HR teams’ ability to understand, engage and develop their people,” said Anaud Ganpaul, Vice President of Products at Workleap.

“Incorporating AI into the products our customers already rely on means organizations can reap the benefits of new capabilities that they would only have dreamed about. Our AI capabilities dramatically boost productivity for employees, managers, and executives alike.”

Workleap builds simple employee experience tools to drive business performance. For more information on how Workleap optimizes the employee experience, visit

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