3 Ways Diversity Recruiting Gets a Boost from AI!

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Growing up, I watched the TV show, The Jetsons, which, at the time, I saw as just an old cartoon entertaining us with flying cars, robot housekeepers, flat-screen TVs, smart homes, video calls, drones, and automatic vacuums. As I reminisced about my past and thought about the present, I asked myself, can the HR community embrace artificial intelligence (AI)? Specifically, can AI be used in recruiting to ensure diverse candidate pools? I believe the answer is yes. Here are three ways AI tools can be used to mitigate bias in the hiring processes for diversity recruiting:

Prevent Unconscious Bias Reduce Job Description Bias Identify Top Candidates Prevent Unconscious Bias

AI tools can remove identifying information like names, genders, and ethnicities from resumes to prevent unconscious biases. Techniques include replacing or removing sensitive information with generic information, such as replacing a name with “Candidate A” wording or removing a candidate’s name entirely. Using these techniques helps ensure that candidates can be evaluated based solely on their qualifications, skills, and experience rather than on their names, genders, or ethnicities improving your overall diversity recruiting.

Reduce Job Description Bias

Analyze job descriptions with AI editing tools to identify and

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