Building a brand: Two things that have helped Greg Savage create an incredible online following

300,000 LinkedIn followers. 58,000 Twitter followers. 110,000 Youtube views. 1 million blog views a year. If anyone knows how to maximise recruitment marketing as a tool to promote their recruiter brand, it’s Greg Savage. His impressive online following boils down to one reason: “People found me believable because I have a track record of actual … Read moreThis article is was first produced on © 2020

The rise of the side hustle

Last year, Twitter reported a 231% rise in the number of mentions of ‘side hustle’ on its platform. Henley Business School estimates that side hustles generate £72 billion for the UK economy. Roughly one quarter of Brits have a side hustle, which actually pales in comparison to America where over 45% of US workers have […]
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