The etiquette of letting people go


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For HR professionals, it would be fair to say that there’s probably nothing we find more challenging than having to let people go. 

This is especially true lately with the QuitTok trend of viral firing and layoff videos breaking the internet. 

Today’s tumultuous business climate is forcing many companies to tighten their belts. And unfortunately, with tightened belts come hard cuts, and that includes layoffs. 

Job and financial security are on shaky ground for many people, and anxiety is starting to creep in for everyone, from individual contributors to C-suite executives and board members. 

But for HR professionals tasked with determining who stays and who goes—and who have to carry the heavy burden of delivering the news to people—the topic of letting people go is bound to bring up some uncomfortable feelings.

While letting people go is never easy, there is an etiquette. Infusing etiquette into the layoff strategy you implement at your organization and letting it guide you can help ease the technical complexities and emotional weight. 

The gist of it? No matter why you’re saying goodbye to a team member, the goal is to always let them go with dignity and champion an exceptional employee journey that goes

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