5 Predictions for AI in HR

AI in HR predictions
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Beamery CEO, Abakar Saidov has come up with some industry predictions for how AI will manifest itself in 2021 across HR and talent acquisition.

  1. Just like in our consumer lives, HR will use data to predict and recommend talent moves. In 2021, instead of browsing career sites and ‘talent marketplaces,’ candidates and employees will utilize a recommendation feed that tracks which content and jobs they are ‘hovering over’ and reading. This collection of data, coupled with smart AI, will dynamically adjust the recommendations based on the intent expressed through that behavior – just like a Netflix feed updates based on viewing habits. This process will continue to fine tune as those experiences will be used to verify people’s capabilities – both by explicitly asking candidates to confirm their interests and skills, and through inference. 
  1. AI will no longer go unchecked when it comes to talent, transparency around diversity. As AI continues to be embraced by TA leaders, we will see a rightful push back from organizations and the public on algorithms that infer diversity such as gender and ethnicity, culled simply by the person’s name. 
  1. In 2021, TA leaders will no longer evaluate people based on their resume based ‘skills’ We have learned that skills listed on a resume are really just a moment in time and do not capture where people could and want to go or what they would become and ultimately, whether that’s a fit for where an organization is headed. This shift, from “Skills Databases” to “Skills Clouds,” based on talent graphs, will drive the ability to mine meaningful data and empower HR and TA professionals to reflect the dynamic nature of people and employment opportunities, and to better capture people’s potential for the good of the employee and the organization. 
  1. 2021 will be the beginning of the end of garbage talent data. Garbage in and garbage out is not only true in HR, it is unacceptable when people’s careers and a company’s future is on the line. Now that the HR function has recognized the critical importance of data, we will finally adopt the approaches and tools to ensure we are working with the most accurate, consistent and current data. 
  1. 2021 will be the year we go from “lip service” to DE&I to “starting somewhere.” According to a recent study conducted by Beamery, 58% of organizations report having clear DE&I goals. But 60% of them lack DE&I ownership, and over a quarter of them consider lack of accountability and clear ownership among the greatest obstacles to diversity. True talent leaders will embrace the need to “start somewhere” with diversity in terms of appointing an officer to create accountability.

Thanks to Beamery for sharing.

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