Bullhorn Announces Enhanced Credentialing Functionality for Healthcare Staffing

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BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their business, has introduced the latest version of its popular credentialing solution to help healthcare staffing agencies increase recruiter efficiency while maintaining compliance to serve the nation’s healthcare worker shortage.

Bullhorn credentialing provides visibility and extensive management capabilities, ensuring that candidates are ready and eligible to work at a moment’s notice. Credentialing is a key component of Bullhorn’s previously announced strategy of providing unified workforce management for staffing firms looking to transform their businesses.

In the healthcare industry, it is critical that staffing firms validate licensure and qualifications of their workers to meet liability, regulatory, and client requirements. Using the latest credentialing functionality from Bullhorn – built into Bullhorn’s Novo version – agencies can add, manage, and see credential statuses across the entire candidate database from a centralized credentials list view backed by ownership and role based data access controls. As a result, customers can efficiently manage credentials across the whole organization with more flexible options to configure the credentialing feature to best match unique workflows. In turn, recruiters can ensure that only qualified candidates get submitted to jobs – reducing the compliance risk of incorrectly making a placement with someone who is unqualified, and dramatically increasing recruiter efficiency at a time when healthcare staffing firms are struggling to meet the hiring needs of the market.

Bullhorn’s new credentialing functionality:

  • Empowers teams with complete credential control, through robust role-based data access rules, ownership, and APIs
  • Ensures agency compliance, with the ability to manage credentials across the recruiting workflow
  • Increases recruiter visibility and efficiencies, with a centralized credentials list view

When working on job orders for roles that require specific credentials and credential requirements, it can be tedious flipping through each of your candidates’ records to check credentials and update them. In the time taken to manage or establish credentials for the candidate, the job could already be filled by a competitor. This is especially important for healthcare staffing, which requires rigorous documentation and credential management to minimize the risk of placing unqualified candidates.

Specifically, integrated credential management solves two main problems:

  • Compliance/Audits: Clients or The Joint Commission may audit firms without notice, so being able to track and store worker credentials in an easily navigable structure is a critical part of the staffing workflow for all healthcare firms. Firms need to not only protect themselves against the risk of failing an audit and/or sending a worker to a placement with expired or missing credentials, but also must prevent credentials from expiring while a provider is on assignment.
  • Efficiency: It’s normal for many firms to collect more than 20 pieces of documentation/credentials for each placement, and requirements can differ by client, placement, location, or job type. Without an efficient, centralized system in which to collect, store, and monitor credentials, firms face slowdowns as well as the risk of losing placements to quicker competitors.

“We are very excited about Bullhorn’s enhanced credentialing functionality,” said Kim Herrmann, CEO of Wapiti Medical Staffing. “Every healthcare staffing agency knows that credentialing is a critical and detailed portion of the recruiting workflow, and getting it wrong can have serious consequences. With Bullhorn’s team behind this solution, we know it will be good – their brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, and a deep understanding of what staffing firms need and how they actually work. We appreciate how they listen to our needs and partner with us to find solutions that are game changers. By automating this part of the process, we are saving time, saving resources, and increasing accuracy so that our recruiters and credentialers can focus on the things that humans do best – nurturing our relationships and finding and placing the best talent for our clients.”

“We view credentialing as critical to the success of healthcare staffing companies,” said Matt Fischer, Bullhorn’s president and CTO, “the demands on which have been amplified by the global pandemic. It’s very important for us as a company to deliver high-quality credentialing that helps these agencies to be more successful. This commitment to automated efficiency is yet another important component of our strategic long-term vision – to deliver all the capabilities that agencies need to profitably manage their workforce and internal processes at scale, transforming recruiter productivity through embracing an autonomous staffing model, and delivering superior candidate engagement through better communication and self-service.”

Credentialing is already available for free to existing NA healthcare users of the Novo version of Bullhorn’s ATS & CRM Enterprise Edition. Please contact your account manager to have it enabled, or for those new to Bullhorn, please visit: www.bullhorn.com to schedule a demo.

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