Comeet Launches Elastic Recruiting Service

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Comeet, an award-winning collaborative recruiting software provider, today announces the launch of Elastic Recruiting, a concierge recruiting service powered by AI and driven by talent experts. Elastic Recruiting drives the rapid scaling of companies with evolving needs by assuming the entire hiring process from recruitment to final offer, for any and all types of jobs and roles. The new service combines the strength of Comeet’s technology with a scalable recruiting team that serves as an extension of a company’s in-house workforce. As companies worldwide grapple with how to address unpredictable employment needs, Elastic Recruiting provides a flexible option. Lori Golden, veteran talent leader for top tech firms, most recently UiPath, has joined Comeet to lead the new division.

Comeet Elastic Recruiting provides a team of experienced recruiters and sourcers on demand to companies that either do not employ a full-time recruiter, or who must consistently adjust their recruiting capacity. The elastic service is designed to fit a company’s evolving and varying needs, scaling up or down as needs change. Additionally, the service includes the Comeet technology, which provides greater transparency into the hiring funnel to understand why candidates progress or drop off.

“Comeet Elastic Recruiting was designed as a seamless extension of internal teams and allows our clients to become world-class recruiting organizations. A company is only as good as its employees, but many companies lack the agility and insight to identify, attract, and hire the best people. Especially in today’s unpredictable market, when companies are hesitant to staff up their in-house recruitment capabilities, but still have fundamental hiring needs to meet, traditional hiring methods are not sufficient. And our teams are trained to make the most of variable situations—seeking out fresh opportunities within an ever-changing landscape,” said Omer Tadjer, co-founder and CEO of Comeet. “We’ve spent the past several months piloting this program with customers and are hearing that it’s a true game changer.”

Lori Golden, veteran talent leader for top tech firms, will lead Comeet Elastic Recruiting. Golden was most recently Director of Talent Acquisition at UiPath, where she scaled the company from 50 to more than 600 people in one year. Prior to UiPath, Golden led recruitment and talent efforts at Pulsepoint, Arteric, and eXelate, a Nielsen company, among others.

“One of my greatest challenges for talent acquisition has been the variability of our employment needs. To remain competitive and seize development opportunities, we would have wanted to to act fast, scaling up almost immediately. But a company’s infrastructure isn’t built to respond so quickly” said Golden. “I have experienced the same challenges and frustrations our clients face every day and am thrilled to be able to offer a solution. With Comeet Elastic Recruiting, we are offering a solution to leaders who need help now, but not necessarily six months from now.”

The service builds on Comeet’s award-winning collaborative recruiting software that expands the process beyond the recruiter, to address the needs of candidates and hiring managers, as well. In addition to this technology, Comeet Elastic Recruiting provides a customized team to fill any or all of the roles in the candidate life cycle:

Sourcer: Identifies, contacts and engages a pool of candidates
Screener: Runs online and phone screening on behalf of the employer
Scheduler: Automates scheduling and built-in video interviews
Interviewer: Provides unbiased third-party assessments

Comeet Elastic Recruiting is the latest offering from Comeet, a SaaS company that integrates the experiences and needs of recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates into a single solution. By bringing together the needs of these three integral groups, Comeet provides companies with greater transparency and control over their entire hiring process — including the candidate experience and the resulting impact on their brand.

About Comeet:
Comeet, a leader in collaborative recruiting technology, is committed to transforming the way growing companies acquire talent. Comeet’s platform streamlines its clients’ recruiting efforts with its award-winning user experience and collaborative technology. Comeet Elastic Recruiting builds on that platform with its concierge recruiting service driven by talent experts and powered by AI to feel like an extension of an in-house team. Designed for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises, Elastic Recruiting is here to help companies achieve their hiring goals. Since its founding in 2013, Comeet has helped more than 1,000 companies grow their talent by ensuring the human connection between candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers takes center stage. Learn more at:

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