Greenhouse Releases New Onboarding Tool

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Greenhouse, the hiring software company, today launched Welcome, a new platform to create thoughtful, curated onboarding experiences for new hires that extends beyond paperwork and logistics.

Unveiled at the Greenhouse virtual event Open Forum, Welcome makes it possible for companies of all sizes to create personalized onboarding experiences, quickly and easily. 

The emergence of COVID in early 2020 had a momentous impact on businesses across all sectors, forcing many to immediately pivot to distributed work models and reimagine their candidate experience. Beyond the shift to remote sourcing and video interviews, it became clear that existing onboarding processes centered on administrative requirements weren’t enough. Companies needed to create a thoughtful, personalized and engaging experience that mirrored in-person onboarding by focusing on the company culture and role expectations.

Created to offer a seamless and unified onboarding experience for all new hires regardless of location, Welcome enables organization to: 

  • Design a personalized welcome flow for each role or department 
  • Create a resource hub with customizable pages to highlight their unique brand 
  • Introduce new hires to team members through a dedicated portal 
  • Empower new hires with key information and visibility on expectations 
  • Set automated tasks and reminders to ensure individuals have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities

“Investing in our company’s future also means investing in our employees by setting them up for success from the beginning,” said Dom Merritt, Chief People Officer, Buildout. “Onboarding is an important part of our strategy to give new hires confidence that we’re committed to their growth and building an inclusive culture that they’ll want to be a part of long-term.”

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“A competitive recruiting strategy doesn’t happen by chance, there are dozens of intentional touchpoints with a candidate from the moment that they apply through their first day and beyond,” said Jon Stross, President and Co-founder, Greenhouse. “Investing in a memorable onboarding experience and taking the time to introduce new hires to the company culture is an important step to establish a sense of belonging, whether they’re located down the hall or working remotely three time zones away.” 

For teams interested in exploring how Welcome creates a stand out experience that helps new hires explore your workplace community before they even start, read our blog. To learn more about how Greenhouse Onboarding solutions can help new hires become productive and active members of the company faster and immediately ingrained in the company culture visit

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