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 SmartRecruiters, an All-in-One Hiring Platform, announces significant enhancements in its Q4 Release, introducing a suite of cutting-edge features designed to elevate the hiring experience and empower organizations to achieve Hiring Success.

Key Features in this Q4 Product Release:

  • Updated SmartWorkflows: Streamline processes by automating redundant screening and notification tasks. Recruiters can now save time without the burden of administrative overhead.
  • Easier Collaboration with Slack: Expedite tasks with slack notifications for events, tasks & actions taken, for improved communication and task management.
  • Bulk Actions Applicant: Execute actions swiftly on high-traffic pages with the newly implemented ‘select all’ option for quicker key actions.
  • Enhanced Employee Portal: Ensure a unified internal mobility and referral experience for every internal candidate. Search and apply for internal job opportunities, even without an ATS login.
  • Unlimited Job & Org Field Values: Enjoy unlimited field values, up from 20K, for easier HRIS integrations and faster loading times.
  • Boosted Hiring Team Collaboration: Facilitate flexible candidate sharing for teams with data safeguarding throughout.

For more information on SmartRecruiters and its latest product release, visit the What’s New page.

HiringThing, the premier white label recruiting and employee onboarding platform, is excited to expand their AI capabilities with the launch of AI-Assisted Resume Screening to deliver the best hiring experience possible to their end-users and provide their white label partners with a competitive edge. AI-Assisted Resume Screening enables all HiringThing users to screen candidates more quickly and objectively, leveraging the latest technology advancements afforded by AI.

The tool uses advanced algorithms to meticulously assess applicant qualifications against job descriptions. By parsing each resume objectively, this feature facilitates an unbiased, merit-based evaluation, fostering a fair and inclusive selection process. Its intelligent matching capability swiftly identifies top talent, optimizing hiring workflows and saving valuable time for recruiters and hiring managers.

“AI is the way of the future,” says HiringThing founder and CEO Joshua Siler, “and at HiringThing, we’re committed to delivering new, innovative AI advancements to our customers. I’m convinced that collaborating with AI in strategic, people-centric ways will transform and democratize recruiting. We’re excited to be part of that change.”

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