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Workday has introduced the next generation of its patented Elastic Hypercube Technology (EHT), the intelligent modeling engine that powers Workday Adaptive Planning, to address the growing demands on organizations as they model more complex business scenarios, manage changing business needs, and expand planning to more users.

The new version of EHT is designed to increase user productivity and enable faster decision making. It can quickly handle complex planning models that require large data sets, multiple calculations and multiple users. Its embedded AI technology provides predictive insights by using historical patterns to recommend the best scenarios for success. It can also identify trends in performance over time and detect anomalies in financial results. The dynamic, automatic scaling of EHT reduces the amount of time spent on manual modeling and planning activities, allowing users to focus on managing their operations. With the enhanced features in Workday Adaptive Planning, users can quickly assess current conditions and future trends, enabling them to quickly adjust plans when needed. This allows organizations to be agile and respond quickly to changing business needs.

Cangrade, a leading AI-based predictor of job candidate success and retention, has announced the launch of its new, one-of-a-kind Prompt Engineering Skills Test to help organizations hire their workforce of the future.

Cangrade’s Prompt Engineering Skills Test removes the burden of assessing this state-of-the-art skill from hiring teams. The assessment can be assigned manually or automatically to job candidates, making it easy to integrate into companies’ hiring processes. It automatically scores candidates on their ability to generate a series of prompts that yield the desired response from Generative AI. Recruiters and hiring teams then receive a report with an easy-to-interpret score and details about candidate responses so they make the right hiring decisions.

Talroo, the leading provider of technology to power the recruitment of essential workers, announced today the release of its new Enterprise AI-Powered Smart Job Titles that enables staffing agencies to attract more qualified candidates by using artificial intelligence to optimize job titles. The newly improved feature uses the concept of “seekernomics” where Talroo’s AI implements its learning from macro and micro trends across billions of job searches, and thousands of conversions for similar roles, to inform micro title optimizations for its customers’ campaigns. In just minutes, recruiters can implement A/B job title tests across the jobs in their campaign without updating their company’s ATS, providing more control and flexibility in attracting candidates.

“By harnessing the power of AI, our new Enterprise AI-Powered Smart Job Titles makes it easier for recruiting and staffing agencies to attract more qualified candidates by substantially increasing exposure for their jobs,” said Thad Price, CEO of Talroo. “Job titles create a job seeker’s first impression, but by thinking more like a marketer and understanding your job seeker audience, staffing companies can greatly improve their campaigns’ performances by showcasing what is important to job seekers earlier in the application process. This provides better candidate quality by refining the process and expands the reach to new audiences. The results have been impactful, for example, a Connecticut-based Recruitment Process Outsourcing company that implemented our new smart titles saw a significant increase in daily candidates from 250 to 1,500.”

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