RecruitBot Lands Additional $8.2 Million Investment

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In the battle for the best talent, platform uses AI and Machine Learning to help companies source smarter and hire faster 

San Francisco, CA  — RecruitBot, the powerful hiring platform that transforms the entire recruiting experience, has raised $8.2 million in additional seed funding to fuel growth of its AI-powered software. The investment was led by Slow Ventures with participation from OCA, Freestyle, Parade, and Kevin Mahaffey. With RecruitBot, recruiters get access to modern sales and marketing technologies, built for their specific recruiting activities. Instead of old-school recruiting funnels where each job is filled by starting from scratch each time, RecruitBot provides a Recruiting Flywheel that improves over time.

RecruitBot leverages AI and machine learning to understand recruiter preferences and ensure increasingly-relevant candidates from a qualified database of 600M appear in search results. Then, RecruitBot enables personalized, automated email campaigns to candidates on behalf of hiring managers.

An end-to-end sourcing solution, RecruitBot replaces three tools with a single product: a database of candidates, an outreach tool, and a recruiting CRM, all bundled in an intuitive interface.  With advanced power filters including those to help support DEI initiatives, combined with machine learning algorithms, RecruitBot serves up candidates best suited for a role within minutes, not weeks. A CRM for personalized, automated email outreach sequences then ensures much higher candidate engagement. 

“From the great resignation to significant layoffs, the market has now moved towards finding the best candidates, rather than just filling roles as quickly as possible,” said Jeremy Schiff, CEO and founder of RecruitBot. “RecruitBot’s unique combination of machine learning and big data 

understands what your ideal candidates look like, and then maximizes response rates by sending automated drip campaigns to a candidate’s personal inbox. In today’s economic climate, sourcing and hiring top quality talent has never been more critical to give companies a competitive edge necessary to survive the harsh economic climate.”

Knowing where to find the right candidates and how to best approach them remains a critical challenge for many companies. RecruitBot incorporates sourcing and outreach at scale with analytics in an all-in-one top of the funnel solution to address these pain points. Machine learning allows companies to customize their candidate search by skills, experience and other criteria. By better understanding hiring preferences, RecruitBot allows companies to easily engage with the candidates at scale. As a result, companies find the right candidates up to 5 times faster with RecruitBot. 

“RecruitBot’s technology streamlines and optimizes talent acquisition, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions, enhance efficiency, and ultimately build stronger, more diverse teams,” said Sam Lessin, GP at Slow Ventures, “By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, RecruitBot is disrupting the traditional hiring landscape and ushering in a new era of intelligent, inclusive, and impactful workforce development.”

This financing builds on RecruitBot’s significant growth in 2022 and previous $3 million pre-seed funding round. Currently, RecruitBot has 600 million verified candidate profiles on their platform. Since launch, RecruitBot has raised a total of $11.2 million to transform the recruiting experience, helping companies find, contact and hire talent faster.  

About RecruitBot

RecruitBot is a powerful hiring platform transforming the entire recruiting process with the power of machine learning and big data. RecruitBot leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to understand hiring preferences, matching companies with the ideal candidates from a database of 600+ million, then getting them to engage by automating conversations with best-in-class email marketing tools. For more information, visit

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