Loxo Announces Free and Unlimited Personal Contact Information

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This week, Loxo announced they will begin offering free and unlimited personal contact information with their proprietary talent graph of 530 million people called Loxo Source™. This includes both personal and work email addresses as well as mobile phone numbers. Loxo Source™ is available on all plans, including a completely free plan for first time customers available at Loxo.

Loxo Source™ was designed to be the single source of truth for recruitment data and the most comprehensive people directory on the planet. The state-of-the-art software merges premium data acquired through commercial partnerships with hundreds of industry-specific public data sets as well as the social web. Loxo applies sophisticated machine learning systems to unify all of the unstructured data into a centralized identity verification solution which continuously works to keep data up to date.

“Loxo has been breaking ground in the Talent Acquisition space for years, but recently they’ve brought to market several products that will, in time, change the way sourcers, recruiters, and TA professionals approach their entire workflow; from sourcing, gathering contact information, candidate outreach, and the collection and storage of data, said Mike “Batman” Cohen, ATAP Board Member and CEO of Wayne Technologies.

Loxo’s contact information finding is one of the top three available on the market in terms of quality, quantity and accuracy, which is why I literally can not believe they are giving it away for free. What a way to prop up and help the sourcing and recruiting community during a time of need. What a genuine combination of technology innovation and altruism. Thank you from all of us in the community. I am very, very excited.”

What differentiates Loxo from all of the contact information finding or sourcing tools besides the significant cost savings of the data, is they offer an award-winning ATS and Recruiting CRM along with a state-of-the-art product suite of recruiting solutions.

“I’ve been dragging agency recruiters kicking and screaming into the modern world using a first principles approach to the work we do. I’ve worked my butt off to change how recruiters approach this business. From offer creation, to changing how we sell to the organizations we serve, to digital marketing, so that’s why I resonate so much with Loxo, said David Stephen Patterson, an internationally recognized headhunter, President of The Kineta Group and one of the top recruiting trainers in the world.

This isn’t your grandfather’s ATS. While other ATS’s keep stacking minor improvements on top of yesterday’s tired platforms, Loxo have thrown away all preconceptions of what an ATS should be. Using a first principles approach, they’ve built something that is not an ATS. Sure, it’s an ATS in a sense, but it’s so much more: CRM, sales engagement sequencing, AI sourcing, recruitment and marketing automation, and the list goes on. I’m a happy Loxo customer and haven’t been this excited about a recruitment platform ever, but this announcement to offer contact information for free, amongst all 530 million profiles in Loxo Source is a game-changer, pure and simple. Loxo just threw down the gauntlet in the recruiting world, because NO ONE is offering anything even close to this deal, and I’m doubtful anyone will.

My advice is: Jump on board now, before your competitors or it’s too late to get on. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.”

“This is what you have been waiting for. A sourcing tool that gives you more for less. Loxo Source boasts a huge reservoir of talent and now free contact finding. What more could you ask for?” said Dean Da Costa, the world’s leading authority in sourcing tools and recruiting technology.

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