Modern Hire Launches Hiring Blueprints

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CLEVELAND and DELAFIELD, Wis., April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Modern Hire, the all-in-one enterprise hiring platform that enables organizations to continuously improve hiring experiences and outcomes with trusted science and technology, today announced six customizable Hiring Blueprint workflows for over 50 critical job roles in industries including hospitality, delivery, logistics, retail and healthcare. The Blueprints provide talent acquisition teams with a repeatable, proven method to evaluate and hire qualified candidates at scale, empowering the country to get back to work faster following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In today’s rapidly changing labor market, both employers and candidates are facing unprecedented hiring challenges. Talent acquisition teams looking to fill critical positions quickly need help identifying qualified talent. This is more difficult than ever due to an exponential increase in applicants, as a result of the growing unemployment rate. Many companies whose hiring pipelines have slowed are reevaluating their hiring processes to be able to take advantage of the best available talent as the market returns. Talent acquisition teams must provide applicants with a high touch, tech-savvy and engaged experience to ensure a mutual job fit – and to attract the most qualified, in-demand applicants – all while working remotely.

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints provide customizable workflows for critical job roles in the hospitality, logistics, healthcare, retail, financial services, call center and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) industries. Blueprints provide talent acquisition teams with the ideal balance of fairness, speed and quality to better identify, attract and retain talent while ensuring an enhanced candidate experience. Each stage within the Blueprint workflow includes job-relevant content, questions, and review information that has been scientifically proven to be valid, job-related and predictive of fit for role, performance and quality of candidates post-hire.

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“The current job market has too many candidates clogging the top of the funnel at a time when many of our most important industries need to find and hire high-quality candidates both quickly and fairly,” said Brian Stern, President, Modern Hire. “Blueprints manage both process and prescription, helping organizations guide their best candidates seamlessly from the moment of application. We help organizations hire efficiently and effectively, all while prioritizing the candidate’s experience. In this way, Modern Hire is proud to drive the rebound of America’s commerce by helping people get back to work.”

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints provide talent acquisition teams with the following assets to better manage their current and future hiring needs:

  • Hyper-relevant job processes: The nuances and requirements of each job role can be tough to quickly evaluate in traditional hiring processes. Blueprints serve as a foundation for over 50 roles that can be deployed efficiently, then customized to address specific hiring needs and pain points.
  • Multiple mediums: Blueprints offer multiple mediums of interviewing technology for a largely-remote workforce, including on-demand text, audio and video, live video, and the Virtual Job Tryout assessment. This variety of touchpoint options allow hiring teams to deliver and automate relevant content and communications to candidates in a personalized fashion.
  • Fast track qualified candidates: Two decades of proven science and trusted technology provide the integrated use of interviewing technology and pre-hire assessments, empowering recruiters to efficiently identify and evaluate the candidates best suited for specific roles.
  • Ensuring a mutual fit and two-way hiring process: Blueprints provide a positive candidate experience that’s tailored with realistic job previews, two-way content and communications from recruiters and managers to make sure that every step of the hiring process is predictive for both employer and candidate. Blueprints help candidates learn more about the company and job, making the process personal for all parties.
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To learn more about Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints, please visit:

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