Modern Hire Launches Text-Based Assessments

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CLEVELAND and DELAFIELD, Wisc., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Modern Hire, the all-in-one enterprise hiring platform that enables organizations to continuously improve hiring experiences and outcomes with trusted science and technology, today announced the release of Text-Based Assessments, a new offering that embeds Modern Hire’s industry-leading science nucleus, CognitIOn by Modern Hire, into the hiring process to better predict turnover.

Consisting of a short 1-2 minute assessment that integrates seamlessly into the On-Demand Text interaction stage of the hiring workflow, Modern Hire’s Text-Based Assessments leverage job-relevant content and questions that measure candidates’ risk for turnover. The tool allows recruiters to apply powerful science and predictive analytics to the hiring process where it was previously not possible –– in text-based interview interactions –– to predict which candidates are at risk for turnover before they’re even hired. Text-Based Assessments also provide candidates with a quick, engaging experience that can be accessed on any device.

“At Modern Hire, we are committed to improving both the candidate and recruiter experience through constant innovation, proven science and trusted technology,” said Peter Baskin, Chief Product Officer at Modern Hire. “Not only does our Text-Based Assessment offering provide an efficient, seamless candidate experience, but it also leverages science that has already been proven to deliver unparalleled value with some of the world’s largest companies. As a result, we’re able to reduce recruiters’ administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on more strategic, higher-value tasks that benefit their organizations.”

Modern Hire also introduced the customizable Telehealth Provider Hiring Blueprint, which leverages Text-Based Assessment as part of the comprehensive hiring workflow to provide telehealth talent acquisition teams with a repeatable, proven and scientific method to evaluate and hire qualified candidates at scale.

As telehealth and telemedicine become more common due to COVID-19, healthcare providers who can operate remotely using videoconferencing software are in high demand. Hiring Blueprint for Telehealth helps organizations quickly hire these in-demand professionals by providing pre-configured assessments that evaluate candidates on job-relevant criteria, such as their experience working in the medical field, willingness to work in a remote setting, and if they hold necessary licensure or credentials. This capability reduces time-to-fill. 

The customized blueprint workflow consists of three phases: an On-Demand Text Interview screening to establish career stability and minimum qualifications, followed by a Realistic Job Preview and the pre-configured Virtual Job Tryout assessment designed specifically for telehealth. The final phase is an On-Demand video interview, where candidates can respond to scenarios they may encounter on the job, including difficult patient interactions, technical issues that may arise during virtual patient visits or follow-up questions about their qualifications. The On-Demand interview also allows recruiters to evaluate candidates’ communication abilities via videoconferencing software –– a critical aspect of any telehealth job.

“With the launch of both Text-Based Assessments and the Telehealth Provider Hiring Blueprint, Modern Hire continues to prove that we are the market leader in driving more innovative, personalized and scientific hiring decisions,” said Karin Borchert, CEO of Modern Hire. “We’re truly on the cutting edge of bringing science and technology together to forever improve hiring for everyone involved, enterprise-wide, and look forward to the transformation these innovations will provide to our clients and their candidates.”

Both Text-Based Assessments and the Telehealth Provider Hiring Blueprint are powered by CognitIOn, Modern Hire’s industry-leading science embedded in all of its products and innovations. Built on Modern Hire’s capabilities and expertise in data science, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology, CognitIOn enables the hiring of the most diverse, engaged and qualified workforce, while also optimizing and personalizing the hiring experience for candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition teams.

For more information on Text-Based Assessments, please visit: To learn more about the Telehealth Hiring Blueprint, please visit:

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