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With employers struggling to find talent in a historically tight labor market and job-seekers increasingly seeking more flexible work arrangements, Randstad USA today announced the launch of a groundbreaking new app that will provide potential employees with a new way of finding the employment opportunities that fit their lives. The new digital platform, called randstad@work, is launching in Dallas with Randstad’s manufacturing and logistics business before expanding to additional markets across the U.S. 

Download the app here

As flexibility around work becomes the new normal, the randstad@work app will help make contingent hiring as streamlined as possible by digitizing the process. Whether talent is seeking full-time roles, seasonal work during the holidays, or looking to plan work arrangements around family care obligations, the randstad@work app gives talent the power to plan their work around their lives. The app also provides employers the tools they need to manage their changing workforce requirements.

“The randstad@work app offers unique benefits to the rapidly growing community of talent seeking contingent work as well as the employers seeking to find help during an historically challenging time,” said Hannah Ridge, Managing Director, Randstad USA. “We are excited to provide talent and employers in the Dallas area with an industry-leading digital tool that will make the hiring process as quick, efficient and seamless as possible by empowering job-seekers to connect directly with secure, flexible employment opportunities on their own terms and their own time.” 

With the randstad@work app, employers and talent will both benefit from Randstad’s technology to quickly connect to top talent and companies. The randstad@work app helps talent find these opportunities by automatically matching them to positions based on their individual skills, job location, preferred travel distance and availability. The app notifies workers in real-time when positions are available and allows them to secure the job directly through the platform. 

“The randstad@work app will tap into a new pool of talent and connect them with opportunities that utilize their skills and fit their unique needs,” said Greg Dyer, Group President, Randstad USA. “We are combining the power of technology with the passion of Randstad’s team to connect job-seekers with the roles that best fit their talents and expertise.”

A unique feature within the randstad@work app is the rating system that provides both employees and employers the opportunity to rate each other upon completion of a job shift. With the rating system, employees can receive a real-time reference for future shifts and employers can create and utilize a proven talent pool. 

Additionally, the app will recommend comparable jobs to workers who have previously filled positions or worked similar job orders, ensuring that workers are continually being matched with positions that fit their talent areas and specific job needs.

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