Survale Clients Experience an Average 25% Increase in Candidate Experience Satisfaction

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Award winning talent feedback platform, Survale, announced today that recent analysis shows Survale clients enjoying an average 25% higher candidate satisfaction ratings after deploying the system.

Survale clients use the platform to integrate feedback requests into each stage of the hiring journey in order to improve candidate experience and optimize their recruiting processes.

While recruiting organizations have historically used periodic candidate surveys to understand how candidates feel about their experience after the fact, Survale is the first tool to automatically gather real-time feedback and anchor that feedback to specific hiring processes.

This kind of approach is similar to the way customer service organizations use feedback to optimize customer satisfaction and the operations behind it.

To put the strategy in perspective, client Tony Suzda Director of Talent Acquisition and Strategy says, “I can run a bottleneck report in my ATS, but having a candidate tell me specifically why is much more helpful.”

An analysis of Survale client satisfaction results reveals that the approach is paying off in terms of candidate satisfaction. While the average 25% increase tells a compelling story, some clients see as much as a 50% increase in candidate satisfaction.

“Studies show that candidates that are satisfied with the recruiting experience are 38% more likely to accept an offer, than those who are dissatisfied,” said Ian Alexander, Co-Founder and CMO of Survale. “While candidate satisfaction isn’t the only reason to use a feedback-based recruiting strategy, the ROI for increasing candidate satisfaction is clearly there.”

Survale’s feedback, combined with powerful analytics, enables organizations to gather feedback from candidates, hiring managers and recruiters as candidates move through the hiring process. These short pulse surveys are anchored to specific steps in the journey, allowing organizations to improve these processes, resulting in higher candidate satisfaction, improved alignment between recruiters and hiring managers and better hiring outcomes.

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Survale’s award winning Talent Feedback Platform provides employers with an “Always On” solution for automatically gathering, analyzing and acting upon experiential data from candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and employees at each stage of the hiring process and throughout the talent lifecycle, Survale’s data provides recruiting leadership with unprecedented insights into their recruitment operations and quality of hire, allowing them to optimize and align their people and processes around common metrics. For more information, visit:

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