Talentegy Expands its Analytics and Engagement Platform

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WILMINGTON, NC AND SEATTLE, WA, Nov. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NOVEMBER 12, 2019 — Talentegy, the award-winning talent analytics and engagement platform designed to help HR teams optimize candidate and employee experience, announced that it has broadened the scope of its analytics solution with a new data visualization offering. 

Unify enables companies to create compelling stories with their talent data that will result in building stronger recruiting and employee strategies.

Unify brings together multiple talent data sources, including those gathered in Talentegy’s own solution, into one unified view across the entire candidate or employee journey. Companies often have talent data stored in numerous systems such as their career website, applicant tracking system, CRM, employee portals and more. With Unify, HR teams can easily connect and combine disparate data to get actionable insights that drive better business decisions.

Through robust visualization features, clients can access interactive dashboards with data that is important to them which eliminates the time consuming and error-prone manual processes companies use today to compile talent data from various systems.

Unify can:

  • Create dynamic dashboards that turn static data into interactive data visualizations. Easily filter, sort and pivot your data in real-time or drill down into any summary record without technical skills.
  • Turn your talent data into rich, presentation-ready data visuals to clearly communicate business trends and measure key objectives with your leadership team.
  • Set goals and targets for any data point to proactively measure your performance and receive alerts should they fall outside your established tolerances.
  • Accurately see where your candidates are coming from, what content they interact with and every touchpoint or engagement whether they apply for an open job or not to build better talent attraction strategies.
  • Be up and running quickly and expand as needed with your business.

“Companies need a way to easily tell compelling stories using their talent data that map to meaningful business outcomes without having to spend hours and hours compiling it,” said Dwaine Maltais, CEO of Talentegy. “Unify not only brings all their disparate talent data together into beautiful visuals, but also provides an interactive layer so they can present a clear picture of their talent program performance. And what makes Unify different from other data visualization solutions, it that once it’s set up, it continually monitors and alerts for changes in performance.”

HR teams struggle to leverage their talent data due to the complexity in gathering, cleaning, combining and understanding how it all works together. Further complicating the matter is HR typically doesn’t have access to or a dedicated data analyst to support them like other business units making this activity that much more difficult. Unify helps fill that gap and brings powerful, but easy-to-use, visualization and business intelligence tools along with decades of HR data analytics experience.

To get a demo of Unify, please contact Talentegy here.

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