vFairs Announces Product Updates

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vFairs, the leading virtual & hybrid events platform that helps organizations reach global audiences, launched exclusive new product upgrades to improve user engagement and networking capabilities, creating a more immersive experience of its virtual event platform. The new features include a special chat interface, automated networking, photobooth capabilities, and a live white board. 

“Our virtual event platform is growing at a rapid pace and our team is working around the clock to provide product enhancements and releases. As we evolve, our goal is to continue to improve the virtual event experience and bring more value to our customers,” said Muhammad Younas, CEO of vFairs. “We pride ourselves on our world class customer service and have released these product upgrades as a direct result of our customer’s feedback. The new product releases will help to encourage more networking, more meaningful conversations and exchanges with presenters, and will leave attendees with a stronger connection to the event.” 

Specific product upgrades include

Chat Widget: An intuitive and multi-functional chatroom that allows attendees to easily connect and begin chats in either text, audio or video for groups or 1:1, from right within the virtual venue making it easy to network and further engage. Sponsors, potential investors, organizers and fellow attendees can easily start discussions with each other. In addition, the chatroom enables easy and instant file sharing mimicking real-life conversations and exchanges of information at in-person events. 

Auto-matchA forward thinking approach to virtual networking that helps auto-match attendees and exhibitors with other event-goers. Participants can be matched based on skills, interests, or areas of expertise. During the event registration process or by updating your profile, you can fill out various fields to ensure accurate matching to your target audience. 

Photo boothEvery event should have a fun element and something you can take home as a memory. The virtual photo booth allows users to snap custom pictures right within the event platform that you can save to mark the moment, or share with friends and family on social media. In addition, events can incorporate in-event photo competitions where attendees can submit their photos and vote on their favorites. 

Live Whiteboards: Specific to live webinars, live whiteboards enhance presenter communication by enabling messaging and content in a multimedia format. The live whiteboards can also be interactive, allowing attendees to participate as well. Whiteboards are a helpful tool in team meetings and conferences by allowing for brainstorming and team ideation. Also, this can be used for dot voting and creating mind maps on the fly to enhance collaboration. 

In addition to enhancing the visual appeal of any presentation, many people are visual learners and data shows that visual content has a much higher retention rate than verbal or written presentations, bringing value to both the presenter and attendee. 

vFairs helps organizations of all sizes bring their events online and deliver a visually rich experience with an online environment that mimics a physical event. Since COVID-19 has accelerated the growth and need for virtual events, the vFairs team has been working tirelessly to provide useful product enhancements and new features to continue improving the virtual event experience for both the hosts and attendees.

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