What’s New in HR Tech: DailyPay/WorkJam/HR for Health and More

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HR for Health, a leading human resource information system (HRIS) software for the healthcare industry, has officially announced the launch of their new interface. Thoughtfully designed with new features, the updated interface is highly functional, helping practice owners save time, boost productivity, and achieve greater peace of mind.

Reimagined from the ground up, HR for Health’s new interface is all about simplifying critical HR tasks. .  Not only can customers look forward to cleaner dashboards, HR for Health 2.0 also includes an integrated payroll system, tardiness tracking, team management, and more! The latest version of HR for Health is easy to use, and more importantly, helps physicians, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, veterinarians, and other healthcare professionals protect what matters most — their practice, patients, and overall reputation.

The new software offers:

  • Seamlessly monitor and add employees all on one page 
  • Searchable and customizable document archive 
  • To-Do Lists 
  • E-signatures, etc.

A new social sharing tool for Marketers to create internal brand ambassador programmes has launched. Employee Advocacy Templates, from Powell Software, global innovators in the digital workplace, is an easily accessible module within the company intranet and Teams that enables Marketing to create bespoke employee advocacy programmes that engage employees as company advocates, and help deliver against its marketing and sales goals.

Built on Microsoft 365 and utilising gamification technology and collaboration in Teams, employees are encouraged to share company content and collateral through their personal social media channels, and rewarded for doing so.

Powell Employee Advocacy Templates are available through Powell 365. To learn more about Powell Software’s templates, visit here

ADP has unveiled a new payroll app, Roll by ADP®, to help businesses make payroll more efficient.

Backed by the long-standing payroll expertise and data security of ADP, Roll offers small business owners the ability to run payroll anywhere, anytime, quickly, and compliantly with no experience needed. Through an artificial intelligence-backed conversational interface, busy entrepreneurs can effortlessly complete payroll in less than a minute on their device by chatting a simple prompt like “Run my payroll.”

The do-it-yourself app guides mobile-savvy users through the process, letting them know what to do and when, while eliminating time-consuming tasks. The result is payroll without friction: zero time spent in training, less than a minute doing payroll, reminders that keep business owners up-to-date, and the ability for them to do their payroll on any device, wherever they are.

DailyPay, the recognized gold standard in the on-demand pay industry, announced the launch of a game-changing new product, ExtendPX, for human capital management (HCM) and payroll service providers.

ExtendPX moves DailyPay beyond their traditional On-Demand Pay (ODP) business offering. The announcement of ExtendPX will enable every Payroll, HCM and TMS (Time Management Software) company in the U.S. to offer highly demanded on-demand pay services through a customizable, modular on-demand pay solution that can be embedded into the product suite that they offer to their customers. ExtendPX, the first of its kind for the PayExperience industry, is already active with notable leading global payroll and HCM partners and other organizations.

WorkJam, the leading digital workplace platform for organizations with frontline and hourly employees, has released WorkJam Digital Launchpad, which enables any organization to leverage the WorkJam UX to provide frontline employees with a single point of entry for external workflows, applications, and systems. With Digital Launchpad, organizations can build upon employee engagement and productivity to accelerate their time to achieving frontline workforce orchestration — the final step in reaching full frontline digital workplace maturity.

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