What’s New in HR Tech: Paradox, Stoke Talent, TimeTrakGO

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Paradox, the leading conversational AI platform helping talent acquisition teams automate tasks like applicant screening, interview scheduling, and mobile-first candidate communications, announced the launch of new video products to streamline virtual recruiting and create more engaging multimedia experiences in the hiring process.

Paradox’s new video features extend across the company’s core products, giving clients the flexibility to use video for a variety of use cases, without needing to buy an additional tool.

“We’ve seen our clients hiring in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a year ago,” said Adam Godson, Chief Product Officer at Paradox. “Virtual hiring is just part of how we hire now, and Paradox’s new video features help make sure face-to-face connection isn’t lost in that virtual world. Our goal has always been to put the candidate at the center of everything we build — video is another way to enrich those connections.”

For more info check out paradox.ai/video.

Kith Republic, breaks ground in the human resources industry as a mobile app that connects professional women with human resources experts to help them affordably solve their work-related issues with privacy and thoughtful care.

For just $9 a session, Kith Republic offers individuals the HR support they deserve, including real-time and on-demand advice with experienced HR coaches. Their HR coaches can help with a wide range of issues, provide a safe space to chat about sensitive situations, privately and confidentially, and help navigate any challenges individuals may face in their careers. 

To learn more about Kith Republic, or to download it from Google Play or the App Store, please visit: https://kithrepublic.com/

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TimeTrakGO, a leader in web-based employee time tracking software, has announced today that it has released yet another feature to help small businesses with their employee time tracking needs. Time Off Center, as it is called, automates the request and approval process for paid time off such as vacation or sick leave.

“We are continually enhancing our employee time tracking software to help businesses by automating previously time-consuming tasks. Small business owners are often stretched too thin, and our goal is to help by giving them more time to focus on the important task of running their businesses,” said Marc Schopp, TimeTrak Systems

Stoke Talent, a leading freelance management system, is releasing a new Accelerated Payment tool. This new capability enables companies to pay their freelancers, consultants, and contract workers within 24 hours in their preferred currency and payment method. 

The biggest issue freelancers experience when working with companies is how they are paid – whether that is getting paid late, or not being able to receive payment in their native currency, or preferred payment method. Due to the challenges with payment, many freelancers have moved online platforms to manage their working relationships, which can cost an individual more than 10% of their revenue. The difficulties of being paid have been a constant pain point, which has caused distrust from the freelancer perspective, but now Stoke Talent is solving that issue.   

“The freelance economy is booming, and it is becoming increasingly competitive for companies to work with specialized freelancers with strong expertise in areas like AI, UI/UX design, and digital marketing, among other areas,” says Shahar Erez, Co-founder & CEO of Stoke Talent. “Around 70% of freelancers are younger than 35 – a generation that is accustomed to a digital-first world and expects real-time payments. They don’t want to wait 42 days for a wire transfer, and frankly, they shouldn’t have to. Stoke Talent’s Accelerated Payments tool eliminates that pain point and makes the process easy for both companies and freelancers.”

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The new Accelerated Payment tool gives companies the ability to implement faster payment options, allowing freelancers to be paid on time and in the currency of their choosing. With this tool, and the rest of its platform capabilities, Stoke Talent not only helps companies make freelancers’ experience as positive as possible, but also makes the process easier, with minimal lift for a company, setting up the relationship for long-term success.

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