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LOS ANGELES—-MarketerHire, the leading talent marketplace and on-demand hiring platform connecting vetted marketing experts with brands and agencies, today announced the launch of MarketerHire For Agencies, the only hiring solution designed to meet the unique needs of agencies. Designed by a team of agency veterans, the new solution offers a faster, smarter, more profitable way for agencies to staff accounts and projects of all sizes. Also announced today is the appointment of industry veteran Jason Chitwood, former global marketing head for some of the nation’s leading brands, as GM, MarketerHire For Agencies.

“Simply put, MarketerHire helps agencies quickly staff up, so they can start billing asap,” said Toby Hoare, former CEO of Wunderman Thompson Europe, now Global Client Leader at WPP. “The marketing services industry has long been plagued with a repeated dilemma: be forced to turn down business and revenue when there is demand, or maintain an expensive, under-utilized team when business slows. MarketerHire is finally freeing agencies from this seesaw, enabling them to better forecast, staff, win clients and bolster their bottom lines.”

MarketerHire For Agencies was introduced in beta in late 2021 and has already delivered key benefits and ROI to brands and agencies by seamlessly staffing teams with specialized experts. MarketerHire For Agencies has seen a 90% match acceptance rate among its early adopters of globally-recognized agencies (including GroupM, a division of WPP, and WPromote), which have leveraged the platform to staff hundreds of positions. Within the first few months, MarketerHire for Agencies drove 3x the weekly agency spend rate, as compared with the quarter prior to its introduction.

MarketerHire has recruited longtime industry executive Jason Chitwood as General Manager, MarketerHire For Agencies, to drive strategy and growth of the group and platform. With 25+ years of experience developing high performing B2C and B2B growth marketing campaigns at global Fortune 500 corporations, Ad Agencies, and pre-IPO Start-ups, Chitwood will serve as the strategic and business lead, responsible for product development, customer success and growth of MarketerHire For Agencies globally.

“Staffing volatility is an age-old problem in the agency world, which has been exacerbated by the overall instability of the workforce caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jason Chitwood, GM, MarketerHire For Agencies. “As a former agency executive, I’ve experienced firsthand how this imbalance hinders an agency’s ability to win and staff business. MarketerHire For Agencies was built to alleviate this very dilemma, enabling agencies to staff quickly when they need it, without unnecessarily bloating their employee bases when they don’t.”

Unique benefits of MarketerHire For Agencies include 1) increased hiring speed, from an average of months to days, enabling agencies to swiftly staff new accountsfill holes left by employee turnover, and scale existing accounts with expert marketers; 2) flexibly respond to client expansion and contraction without steep hiring investments or fees, and 3) exponentially accelerate customer path-to-revenue [which translates to upwards of $50,000 USD in additional billable hours per head/per quarter], among other benefits. When agency clients inevitably churn, agencies on the platform can end their engagements with no fees or loss of morale. MarketerHire For Agencies matches opportunities with marketers on some of the world’s leading brands, including Netflix, Forbes, Anheuser-Busch, Buzzfeed, eBay, and many others.

Agency-Specific Features Include:

  • AI-Powered Matching Platform, Tuned for Agency-Specific Expertise: Combines data-driven and human expertise to source and vet proven, expert marketers with previous agency success, filled in as little as 48-hours.
    • *New: Behavioral Pre-Screening: Additional layer of analysis to identify experts with personality attributes directly-related to agency success.
  • Up-to-Date Category Coverage: Enables agencies to maximize latest consumer targeting opportunities.
    • *New: Even Greater Category and Platform Support: with immediate access to subject-specific experts around latest platforms and trends, including YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Discord, Twitter, Instagram Reels and more.
  • Agency-Specific Purchasing and Pricing: Tailored purchasing strategies and pricing models to reflect agency budgets and billing processes.
  • Agency Success Team: Dedicated account managers collaborate with clients to help anticipate subject-area expertise required for each project, forecast project headcount, and manage operational needs.
    • *New: White Glove ServicePrecision-oriented high touch customer service solution that goes beyond current platform support offerings.
  • Analytics and Reporting: In-depth analysis around project match and acceptance rates, staffing speeds, job longevity, and rate of return, enabling agencies to dynamically increase efficiency and revenue.
  • Agency Employment Compliance: Agency-specific standards and policies to help eliminate the risk of temp/flex talent legal issues.

According to MarketerHire’s State of the Freelance report, released at the end of 2021, 58% of respondents report that their company plans to increase their budget for hiring freelancers this year. However, 94% of those hesitant to hire a freelance marketer agreed that they would be more likely to do so if the freelance marketer was vetted by a talent platform or recruiting agency.

MarketerHire For Agencies enables agencies of all sizes, including WPP, GroupM, Mindshare, Mediacom, Wavemaker, and more, to expand their category and media expertise quickly, with access to pre-vetted experts that are sure to level up your team. Unlike the alternative of lengthy hiring and cumbersome onboarding processes, MarketerHire For Agencies leverages a proprietary combination of technology and human expertise to match available jobs with qualified marketing experts in as little as 48 hours to ensure timely staffing and optimal matching. For more information visit

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