Navigating Pride: Celebrating amidst fear

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Pride is upon us! Just like prepping for a big party, there’s a mix of excitement and apprehension. As much as we need to revel in joy and unity this year, it feels like trying to dance under an ambiguous cloud of uncertainty. 

Traditionally, Pride has been a time of connection, celebration, and reflection —a period when we gather to spread love, embrace our identities, and stand visibly together with our allies. However, this year, the shadow of fear looms large, casting a dark cloud over many of the festivities where our rainbow flags typically fly high and proud.

As a member of our Queer@PI Employee Resource Group leadership team, I am finding it hard to be excited about Pride Month. It is tougher to spark joy, and fun, and ignite energy in our community when we are in distress. 

The current climate

The last few years have been emotionally draining as a queer person, due to the massive uptick in homophobic and transphobic incidents, and the number of active bills attacking the rights of our community. The ACLU is tracking 515 anti-LGBTQ bills in the U.S., making the prospect of celebrating Pride feel more daunting this year.

For many

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