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Wizehire, a leading hiring solution, announced its Candidate Texting feature today. This new functionality enables organizations to instantly build stronger relationships with top talent, increase engagement, and streamline the hiring process.

“Wizehire’s Candidate Texting solution addresses an important need in today’s recruiting landscape — communication that resonates with candidates and gets results,” says Sid Upadhyay, CEO of Wizehire. “We’ve never seen a bigger, more positive impact on both the job seeker and hiring manager experience, as we’re seeing with Candidate Texting. We’re empowering businesses to reach top talent faster and build stronger relationships that significantly reduce interview no-shows and boost overall interview rates. It’s a win-win for both employers and candidates.”

Key Benefits of Wizehire’s Candidate Texting:

  • Boost Engagement: Foster authentic communication, minimize ghosting, and keep candidates invested throughout the hiring process.
  • Effortless Dashboard Management: A centralized dashboard reduces time spent on communication management, eliminating the need to search for information. Easily access all candidate conversations, share updates with your team, and track progress seamlessly.
  • Flexible Communication: Seamlessly switch between email and text messaging within the platform and choose the communication method that best suits your style and candidate preferences.
  • Complete Text History at a Glance: Focus on building relationships, not searching for messages. All text interactions are conveniently organized and accessible within each candidate profile.
  • Secure and Compliant: Our 2-step authentication allows you to engage with candidates via text, knowing your conversations are secure.

About Wizehire: 
Founded in 2014, Wizehire is an award-winning, end-to-end hiring solution that marries innovative software with hands-on, expert coaching to help business leaders confidently build their teams. 

Talroo, a leading provider of technology to power the recruitment of frontline and essential workers, is pleased to announce the release of SmartScreen, the new AI-assisted Chat-to-Apply Screening tool. This elegant new screening chatbot solves a common problem for both job seekers and employers. Approximately 7 out of 10 employers (Zippia Recruitment Statistics, 2023) find it difficult to hire skilled candidates. SmartScreen automatically extracts and surfaces job requirements using AI in a custom chatbot.

As candidates interact before applying, SmartScreen helps candidates understand and verify job requirements before applying. Once a job’s requirements are reviewed and the candidate provides feedback, SmartScreen shares insight into how the candidate’s qualifications match the employer’s requirements. If there’s a great match, candidates are automatically routed to start the application process. If not, SmartScreen provides a helpful mismatch requirements message, but allows the candidate, if they would like, to proceed. The candidate’s responses then inform future job matching to ensure a more positive candidate experience.    

“SmartScreen solves one of the biggest challenges most employers experience in recruiting, and one of the biggest challenges candidates experience in job searching,” said Thad Price, CEO of Talroo. “By greatly enhancing quality matching, we are reducing the amount of unqualified applications, improving outcomes for all, and moving businesses forward. The most exciting aspect of this feature for our employer partners is that SmartScreen uses AI to extract requirements and instantly provides a custom job-level chatbot. There’s no additional setup time or costs required, just use an existing ATS sync and we take care of the rest. This not only reduces both time-to-placement and costs for the employer, but eliminates the frustration that many job seekers experience during their search. Using SmartScreen, we are able to attract the right talent audiences and then get the best, suitable candidates in front of the right job at the right time without any heavy lifting by our customers.”

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