Navigating the Future of Work: Insights on Upskilling and Job Boards

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The demand for skilled professionals, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI), is escalating. Jobiqo CEO, Martin Lenz, sat down with Florian Hasibar, co-founder of, to discuss how companies can address the growing skills gap and the role of online job boards in this context.

These were their key findings:

Upskilling is crucial in the modern workforce, with a focus on developing skills rather than merely filling positions.The demand for specific skills is on the rise, evidenced by the surge in job postings seeking expertise in areas like generative AI.Employees with upskilling opportunities exhibit higher productivity and innovation, leading to increased retention and satisfaction.Online job boards play a pivotal role in promoting upskilling by recommending relevant courses and certifications to job seekers.Integrating skills data into recruitment processes can enhance candidate placement and help companies future-proof their teams.

Read the full conversation on the Jobiqo website.

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